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After some variable weather in the lead up to the event, the sun came out and stayed with us, at least until the bowls finished week for our seventh visit the Hayling Island. And it marked a Silver Anniversary of sorts, as it was our 25th event. How time flies.

This aside to the week's main event is run across three nights, with all the teams getting 2 games per night on Monday and Tuesday, following which the top 4 teams would play off on Wednesday evening to find the winners.

Although, of the 16 teams, two were able to win both games on Monday, neither were able to repeat their success on Tuesday, which left 6 teams all having won 3 and lost 1 game, all at the top of the table.

However there was a clear deliniation when it came down to shots, with the fifth and sixth placed teams fully nine shots short of what they would have needed to be able to qualify.

Semi Finals
The Coe/Head/Green vs Williams/Southgate match swung back and forth with each team taking their turn in the lead. The Coe/Head/Green team leading by a shot going into the final end, but the opposition came through to take 2 shots and win the game.

The other match went in much the same fashion. The Frost/Brown team led by 2 shots going into the last end, but suffered the misfortune of dropping 3 shots to lose the game to the Kermath/Masters team.

Although the game was tied after 3 ends the Kermath/Masters team took control and with an end to go were leading 8-3. A comfortable lead and one which would be all but impossible to lose, you might think. But you would be wrong.

While Kermath/Masters might well have had it in their minds to push the jack off the carpet altogether, they somehow didn't manage to reach the head, while Williams/Southgate were drawing close(r). And one by one the woods came in and the count went up and by the end, once the measure came out, they had, wait for it, six shots!

Remarkably they had won the game. Never were the old adage truer, it 'aint over 'til it's over.

Winners - David & Linda Williams and Margaret & Jim Southgate
Runners-Up - Alistair & Lynne Kermath and Kay & Peter Masters


As often happens the first day threw up a combination of the entirely expected and the somewhat unexpected as most of the usual suspects lived up to expectations while others failed to do so.

Those that had suffered a poor day would have their work cut out, but with 4 games still to play there was time enough for them to make the top 16, particually since only 11 teams won both of their games on Tuesday.

Of those the leading teams were David & Linda Williams, Tony & Fay Turner, Robin & Heather Brown, Ken Drane & Val Game and Kay & Peter Masters

Of the overnight front-runners 5 of them lost their first games of the day, leaving just half a dozen teams with 3 wins out of 3. Any of those teams who could win their fourth game would have all all but booked their places in the top 16.

But only 4 of them made it through their fourth games unscathed, Sylvia Cox & Annette Iskett, Margaret & Jim Southgate, Ken Drane & Val Game and Chris Clark & Donn Poulter. And having dropped just one point were the only other undefeated team, Carol & Eric Sainsbury.

The teams who reached 10 points, with 5 wins out of 5, were the first to be sure of qualifying. Chris Clark & Maxine Poulter, Sylvia Cox & Annette Iskett and Ken Drane & Val Game.

Margaret & Jim Southgate, finished and 10 and were also safe, as were Carol & Eric Sainsbury and Jane Evans & Mike Walker who finished on 9 points.

The penultimate round saw Jan Richardson & James Jordan, Joan Clark & Don Poulter, Audrey Atkins & Joyce Naylor, Brian Archer & Pat Phillips, Alistair & Lynne Kermath, Dot & Syd Tanner and Jim & Margaret Forrest secure their place in the next round, leaving 8 teams to squabble over the final 3 spots.

And those 3 places went to Richard & Jenny Green, Robin & Brenda Lane and David & Linda Williams, who squeezed in on 7 points.

The top finishers were Ken Drane & Val Game and Sylvia Cox & Annette Iskett, who won all of their games.

First Round
Despite the Wimbledon type seeding, taken from the Round Robin results, there were plenty of surprises with half of the top 8 teams falling by the wayside.

Sylvia Cox & Annette Iskett continued their winning ways with an 8-3 win over Robin & Brenda Lane. Alistair & Lynne Kermath came from 4 shots down to beat Chris Clark & Maxine Poulter 9-6.

Joan Clarke & Don Poulter took a comfortable 7-2 win over Richard & Jenny Green, after a slow start. Brian Archer & Pat Phillips had a similar result over Carol & Eric Sainsbury, winning 8-3, as did Jane Evans & Mike Walker over Audrey Atkins & Joyce Naylor.

A closely fought game between Margaret & Jim Southgate and Dot & Syd Tanner came down to the last end, finally going to the Tanners 6-4, while Jan Richardson & James Jordan needed an extra end to beat Jim & Margaret Forrest 7-5, having been 5-0 down.

But the biggest surprise was the match between top and bottom seeds. The previously unbeaten Ken Drane & Val Game were 6-3 up going into the last end, but dropped 4 shots to David & Linda Williams on the last end to take a dramatic win.

Quarter Finals
Another surprise as Joan Clark & Don Poulter were defeated by Alistair & Lynne Kermath 12-2 with an end to spare. While in contrast Jane Evans & Mike Walker had to go to an extra end to beat David & Linda Williams 7-6.

Dot & Syd Tanner edged out Jan Richardson & James Jordan 8-6 in a game which swung back and forth before being settled on the last end, while Brian Archer & Pat Phillips took out the previously unbeaten Sylvia Cox & Annette Iskett, taking 2 on the last end to win 6-5.

Semi Finals
Jane Evans & Mike Walker against Dot & Syd Tanner was a closely fought affair until a devastating 5 shot count on the 6th end propelled the Tanners into a virtually impregnable 6 shot lead, and a safety first approach to the last end saw them home to an 8-4 win.

After a wobbly start Brian Archer & Pat Phillips came home to a 6-4 win over Alistair & Lynne Kermath, cementing the win with the last wood, just to make sure.

Unsurprisingly the final was a close affair. The winning ends were shared and alternated between the two teams. Brian Archer & Pat Phillips won the first, third, fifth and seventh ends, while Dot & Syd Tanner won the second, fourth and sixth. However, while only 1 shot was scored on 6 of the ends, it was the sixth which was crucial. That end was won by the Tanners with 3 shots which took them into the lead and enabled them to play for safety on the last end and take the win.

And well deserved though their win obviously was, it was all the more remarkable because after the first game of the week the Tanners were in 42nd and last place and in fact failed to win either of Tuesday's games, so their win finished their extraordinary climb from the very bottom to the very top.

You can find a full copy of the results here.

The usual thanks go out to everyone who makes these events possible, which of course is all of our guests and once again for your generosity for enabling us to raise another £240 for the East Anglia Air Ambulance with our draw.

28th June 2013

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