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This was our second visit to Gunton, albeit a return that was five years in the making, just to make a change from our regular routine of making Hemsby the venue for our pre-Christmas event.


Friday and Saturday evenings were set aside for our Fours tournament.

Each team plays twice on each night and following Friday's games it was the Kitchen/Meek team who were the surprise, albeit narrow, leaders. Five other teams had also recorded 2 wins and were all going to be in contention.

But everything changed overnight.

While Jim & Margaret Southgate and David & Linda Williams were undefeated, they dropped one point and that was only good enough for second place.

In the end only one team were able to record 4 wins out of 4, and that was Laurence & Sarah Pullar and Dot & Syd Tanner.


Saturday's morning session saw 12 teams winning both of their games to lead the way.

Barry Richell & Colin Spriggs were top of the heap having compiled an impressive 27 shots in their pair of wins. Sylvia Vaughan & Chris Tilbrook were not far behind, on 22 shots, while Richard & Linda Cornell were third as the only other team to have broken the 20 shot barrier.

Mike & Judy Easy and Gordon Bloomfield & Rita Daniels rounded out the top 5, while there were plenty of other familiar names still unbeaten. And with 4 games still to go there was plenty of time for those teams that had lost, to still catch up.

We were down to 9 teams on maximum points after 3 games and at the close of play it was a mere 3 teams.

The overnight leaders were Richard & Linda Cornell, followed by Robin & Heather Brown and finally David & Linda Williams. In all probability they had now done enough to make it through to the last 16 on Sunday afternoon.

Peter & Kay Masters were the only other unbeaten team, having dropped just one point.

And behind them were 15 teams who were all on 6 points, having won three times and lost once.

Sunday's first set of games saw yet more upheaval as only Richard & Linda Cornell managed to maintain their unbeaten record and making them the first and only team so far to qualify. For everyone else everything was going to hinge on the final set of games and while under normal circumstances 4 wins out of 6 would be enough to see a team through to the next round, it was already clear that that would not be the case this weekend.

In the end 7 teams finished on 10 points, as even the Cornells were beaten, one team finished on 9 points and only 8 of the 13 teams to reach 8 points got through, a big surprise and disappointment for those teams who missed out, but then the competition had been so strong at the top of the standings.

For the record the top qualifiers were Gordon Bloomfield and Rita Daniels, followed by Richard & Linda Cornell and Jim & Jan Squares.

Those final finishing positions were really only of interest because they determine the First Round draw with, in theory the strongest teams playing the weaker teams, although given that in the end the top 21 teams were covered by just 2 points, it could hardly be said that the last 16 contained any weak teams.

Knockout Stages
The initial round went much the same way as the Round Robin stage had and for the most part the top teams made their way through. And although the Semi-Finalists weren't actually the final top four, all of them were part of the pack that had lost just one game across the entire weekend.

Gordon Bloomfield & Rita Daniels (who was standing in as Gordon's playing partner) had finished top, but could not expect any easy games from now on. Their First Round victory over Robin & Heather Brown was fairly clearcut at 10-4, but victory in the Quarter Final against Lin Cooke & Shirley Tilbrook (standing in for a sick Tony Cooke) had come on the last end, having been 3 shots down with 2 ends to go.

And it was another close one in the Semi-Final, losing their early advantage only to come back and sneak a 6-5 win on the final end.

For David & Linda Williams it had been only slightly easier, 9-4 over Sylvia Vaughan & Chris Tilbrook, coming from behind for a 6-4 win over Peter & Kay Masters and then a controlled 7-3 win over an on-form Richard & Linda Cornell to secure a place in the final.

The final itself was, as might have been expected, a close affair all the way through with no one managing to get a decisive hold on the game at any time.

As it was an extra end was required as Rita drew her final wood for shot on the last regular end to bring the scores level. And they carried their momentum to take the win, with no last wood heroics required as Rita was able to forfeit her final wood as she and Gordon held shot giving them the one shot required to take the win.

And Finally
As well as another weekend of good bowls and good spirit we would like to thank everyone who helped us to raise another £230 from our raffle in aid of East Anglia Air Ambulance.

2nd December 2013

Gunton Hall, Lowestoft

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Our next event will be Hemsby, April 2014