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After taking a one year sabbatical we were back on the the Isle of Wight in 2014.

We are usually very lucky with the weather for our Isle of Wight visits, but the forecast for the week looked rather unpromising. And judging from the trip down and the somewhat rocky sea trip, it looked like the weatherman was on the money.

However things calmed down a bit and Monday afternoon gave us a sunny start to the week.

The other pleasant surprise was to discover that the bowls room floor had been replaced so that we were playing on a wooden floor, rather than carpet, something which greatly improved the bowling experience.

No knockout stages for the Fours, since nearly everyone had chosen to bowl in the evening. So everyone would get 2 games per night and the team at the top after their 6 games would be the winners.

Only 2 teams won both games on Monday night. The Swan/Pullar and Spriggs/Alston/Richell teams were at the top of the standings. But there were 3 teams just a point behind and plenty of time for the rest to catch up.

However Tuesday saw both of the leaders win one and lose one to drop back, while the three teams which had dropped a point on Monday each won both of their games.

So the leaders, all on 7 points, were now Bennet/Orrin, Drane/Game/Vaughan/Tilbrook and Savage/Palmer/Wilson. And being separated by just 4 shots it was all to play for on the final evening.

In the end no one ran away with it, in fact the top 4 teams were covered by just one point. Both of the previous day's leaders stumbled, and it left it open for the team of Graham & Gaye Swan and Laurence & Sarah Pullar to sneak through an win it by 11 shots.

Game 1

Fourteen of the thirty pairs started the week with a win. Those who set themselves apart from the rest by hitting double figures on shots were Michael & Judy Easy, James & Margaret Stewart, James & Sonia Boggis and Bryan & Andrea Edwards.

Game 2
Exactly half of those that won their first game also won their second. For the record they were Jim & Jan Squares, Bryan & Andrea Edwards, Michael & Judy Easy, Margaret Turner & Paul Daniels, Roy & Jackie Harden, James & Sonia Boggis and Martin & Marilyn Bennet.

That brought us to the end of Tuesday's games, but everyone still had 4 games left to make it into the top 12 and make it through to Thursday afternoon's play.

Game 3
Four teams carried their winning streaks into Wednesday morning.

They were Margaret Turner & Paul Daniels, Bryan & Andrea Edwards (those two teams would be playing one another later in the day), Roy & Jackie Harden and Martin & Marilyn Bennet.

Meanwhile Jim & Jan Squares and Mike & Judy Easy were within striking distance, just a point behind.

At the halfway point it looked as if 8 points would be needed to be in with a chance of a top 12 finish and qualification for Thursday afternoon.

Game 4
The top of the table clash went the way of Margaret & Paul, leaving them on top. And while the Edwards' were knocked down, the other two teams, the Hardens and the Bennets took their fourth wins to stay second and third.

Also undefeated and in the mix were Jim & Janet Squares who had dropped just a point. And after them a clutch of 7 teams on 6 points.

Game 5
Roy & Jackie Harden and Martin & Marilyn Bennet made it 5 wins out of 5 and made sure of qualification in Thursday's first round of games. And although Margaret Turner and Paul Daniels could only manage a draw, that too was enough for them to guarantee a spot in the knockout rounds.

Behind them there were 4 teams on 8 points, all of whom were on the verge, but not quite mathematically there yet.

Game 6
The top 12 teams in the standings were to make it through to the Knockout Stages, with the top 4 progressing straight to the Quarter Finals and the teams finishing 5th to 12th playing off to decide who would join them.

That top 4 consisted of Martin & Marilyn Bennet on 11 points, the only team not to have lost a game, and Roy & Jackie Harden, James & Margaret Stewart and Peter & Kay Masters, all of whom finished on 10 points.

Also finishing on 10 points, but just missing out on the top 4 by the odd shot or two, where Margaret Horwood & Chris Tilbrook and Val Game & Ken Drane. Finishing on 9 points were Margaret Turner & Paul Daniels and George & Susan Savage. On 8 points were Peter & Diane Orrin and Mike Walker & Jane Evans.

And the final pair of teams to make it through, on 7 points, were Bryan & Andrea Edwards and Jim & Jan Squares.

Knockout Stages
Round 1

Mike Walker & Jane Evans swept past Margaret Turner & Paul Daniels 10-2. Peter & Diane Orrin took a comfortable lead and brought home a controlled 8-5 win. The closest game was between Val Game & Ken Drane and Bryan & Andrea Edwards. There was never more than a shot in it all the way through and with the final wood, rather than take one shot to move the game into a final end Bryan played his wood, moving the jack back to hold 2 and win 6-5.

Sadly the final game was a walkover as Jim & Jan Squares, the final qualifiers, were unaware that they had made it through and were not there for the game, allowing Margaret Horwood & Chris Tilbrook through without a wood being bowled.

Quarter Finals
Roy & Jackie Harden took their game against Mike Walker & Jane Evans 11-3, largely thanks to a five scored on the fourth end. Peter & Diane Orrin and Martin & Marilyn Bennet were, as might be expected, neck and neck most of the way through their game, but the Orrins finished with two stong ends to take the game 9-4.

And it was much the same for Peter & Kay Masters and Margaret Horwood & Chris Tilbrook. It was 4-4 going into the last end, so the 5 that the Master's took on that end made the game look more one-sided than it actually was.

It looked as if Bryan & Andrea Edwards were going to romp away in their game with James & Margaret Stewart. Three ends in they were 7-0 up. But the Stewart's brought it back to 7-6 2 ends later and on the last took 2 to draw level and take the game to an extra end which they won. 9-8, the final score.

Semi Finals
Peter & Kay Masters edged their way ahead of Peter & Diane Orrin, but it was only 5-3 in their favour after 5 ends. However the next end was crucial, it could have gone either way, but it was the Masters that took it with their final wood, and it was 3 shots which pretty much ended the game. They finished up 9-3 winners, but that was hardly a reflection of the closeness of the game.

Roy & Jackie Harden pretty much had the best of their game against James & Margaret Stewart, but it was only 6-5 in their favour after end 5. The penultimate end however, gave them 2 more and left them 3 ahead with one to go. They finished 9-5 winners, making it into the final on their first holiday with us.

A slick mat that had an uphill and a downhill made for an interesting final, and a close one. The Masters took a shot on each of the first 2 ends, but the Hardens were level on the next. Then it was the Masters' back in front by two, followed by the Hardens bringing it back to 3-4. The sixth end was again just a one shot end, and inevitably crucial. It went to the Masters, taking them to a 2 shot lead with an end to go. The Masters took the early advantage on that last end and the shot wood proved impossible to move. In the end they took 2 and Peter & Kay took the win 7-3.

In the end we were incredibly lucky with the weather. It was a bit blustery and there was some rain, but the goos weather more than outweighed the back and it didn't come even close to the forecast.

You can find the full set of results here.

11 October 2014

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