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Hertfordshire v Suffolk

On Sunday 26 November, Suffolk played their first ECCBA league match of the new season in defence of the league title. It wasn’t going to be an easy start, an away match against Hertfordshire at a new venue in Welwyn Garden City.

The Suffolk team showed a number of personnel and positional changes from the Nationals winning team of a few weeks earlier, the rinks selected were:

Suffolk 1 (S1): Pete Runnacles, Steve Isles, Mick Watkins, Paul Daniels
Suffolk 2 (S2): Sally Goodrich, Graham Davey, Andy Pooley, Sue Gilder
Suffolk 3 (S3): Ralph Sadgrove, John Varden, Andy Gilder, Tom Runnacles
Suffolk 4 (S4): Jim Goodrich, Rita Runnacles, Sam Runnacles, Colin Fellingham
Suffolk 5 (S5): Don Allum, Peter Elmy, Peter Fellingham, Steven Cain
Suffolk 6 (S6): Sue Isles, Sue Davey, Ellen Grube, Neil Jolly

The first session was all about getting to grips with the carpets and none of the Suffolk rinks made a particularly quick start. After a few ends it was S5 who had made the better start and they gradually extended a small advantage into a game winning lead. Without scoring many shots they controlled most of the ends and deservedly got Suffolk’s first points on the board with an 8-3 win. It was not such good news from the other carpets though with neither S1 nor S3 being able to win their games. S3 got the closest but could never do quite enough to secure a victory, going down by the odd shot, 9-10. For S1, it was a disappointing start to their day, losing by 6-12.

The second session saw the other Suffolk rinks take to the carpets, having had the benefit of watching the first set of games. As such it was a slightly better start and it wasn’t long before S4 had got complete control of their game. In the performance of the session, it finished with a convincing 16-4 win. It was not so straightforward for the other two Suffolk rinks, with both games closely fought. One high scoring end in the middle of the game proved the difference for S6, in what was otherwise a close encounter. S6 were able to hold on to the lead during the latter ends, finishing as 11-6 winners. Meanwhile S2 were involved in the closest game of the session, which always seemed destined to go to the final end. They were holding a game winning position until the opposition skips final bowl and then unfortunately the closest of measures did not go their way and the game was lost 7-9.

The start of the third session again saw S5 make the better start of the Suffolk rinks. Consistent early bowls proved to be the difference and as with their first game, they gradually eased away from their opposition. Another fine performance from S5 and a deserved 12-3 win. The outcome of the other two games were not going to be decided until the final ends and at the finish of the session those games were shared, which was a fair reflection on the play. S3 did well to reverse their first session defeat, without being convincing, they did just enough to scrape a hard earned 10-9 win. The defeat for S1 was in a close game, which slipped away by 4-7.

So at the halfway stage, Suffolk held a very slim 10-8 lead. Wins had been hard to come by and the overall performance would have to improve in the second half if Suffolk were to win the match.

The fourth session, as with the earlier games were all close and there remained very little between the teams. From a Suffolk perspective, the best performance of the session came from S6 and again it was the accuracy of the early bowls that proved to be the difference. An early lead was secured, protected in the latter ends, resulting in their second 11-6 win. Unfortunately S4 couldn’t follow up their excellent first session display. In a very low scoring game they were holding a game winning position until the opposition skips final bowl took it away. S4 unlucky to just come out on the wrong side of a 4-6 scoreline. Finally for S2, they were involved in another nail biter, which again went to the last end and again would be decided by the closest of measures. This time the measure did not go against them and they edged the slimmest of wins, by 8-7.

It had been a good session for Suffolk that had taken them into an overall 14-10 advantage, could they capitalise on this?

The penultimate session was an opportunity for the Suffolk rinks to take a big step towards winning the match. Unfortunately despite best efforts, the match would still be in the balance at the end of the session. Without playing badly S1 had lost their first two games, but they made up for it here, controlling their game from start to finish on the way to a one-sided 14-5 win. For S3, they were always playing catch-up, but it never looked like they would do enough to put pressure on their opposition. The game was lost 11-4. Finally, S5 were looking for an unbeaten day. Their game always looked like being low scoring and they were in it all the way. Unfortunately they just left themselves a bit too much to do on the last end and the game was lost 5-7. However it had been a good day for S5, with two solid wins from three.

Going into the final session, Suffolk held a slim 16-14 overall lead and it was still all to play for. Losing the match was quickly avoided when S2 played some good early ends and secured an advantage that they were able to protect. S2 had had a good day and thoroughly deserved their two wins from three, finishing with an 11-3 victory. Meanwhile the other two games were going to the wire, with nothing in them. First to finish were S4 and it looked like they were doing just enough to avoid defeat but it wasn’t the best of final ends and they paid for it, two shots dropped and the game lost 6-7. That just left S6 to finish, they were involved in a real see-saw game that would go to the last bowl. It was 5-5 going into the final end and holding the single shot they needed, blockers went in and they were good ones. Job done and a nervy 6-5 win.

Overall the match finished with a Suffolk win 20-16 (shots: 152 - 120).

Suffolk were relieved to start the season with the closest of wins, in an entertaining match that could’ve gone either way. It had not been Suffolk’s best day, with the overall team display being inconsistent compared to the usual high standards, but within that there had been some good individual performances.

S2 and S5 had a good day winning two of their three games, but the star performers were S6 who won all three games.

In the other league matches, Norfolk edged out Essex 19-17 and Cambridgeshire are the early pacesetters, following their 26-10 win at Bedfordshire.

Suffolk will be hoping to build and definitely improve on their performance next time out. They have another away match, against Cambridgeshire at Littleport Leisure Centre on Sunday 10 December, a 10.30am start and supporters are welcome.

Neil Jolly (County Captain)

2017 National County Championships

Over the weekend of 11 and 12 November the Suffolk team and their supporters were at the Potters Leisure Resort in Hopton-on-sea for the 2017 National County Championships. Suffolk were looking to win the Nationals event for the fifth consecutive year.

Eight other counties took part, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Durham, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Northumberland and Sunderland.

Each county were represented by six rinks (fours), each rink playing one nine end game against all of the other counties, over a long weekend of bowling.

The team representing Suffolk was:

A: Don Allum, John Varden, Colin Fellingham, David Ford
B: Ralph Sadgrove, Nick Wood, Andy Gilder, Steven Cain
C: Sue Davey, Ellen Grube, Peter Fellingham, Neil Jolly
D: Pete Runnacles, Steve Isles, Mick Watkins, Paul Daniels
E: Sally Goodrich, Graham Davey, Andy Pooley, Sue Gilder
F: Paul Leach, Rita Runnacles, Sam Runnacles, Clint Watling

Suffolk’s first opposition of the competition were Sunderland and it was rinks A, B and C who hoped to get the team off to a winning start. Any early morning nerves were quickly settled by B who made the better start of the Suffolk rinks and they eased their way to an 11-3 win. Without making a quick start, C also secured themselves an early advantage but the Sunderland rink kept pegging them back. However a good final end saw them home by 12-8. Unfortunately A could not make it the perfect start for Suffolk, never out of the game, but a defeat by 7-11.

In the next session rinks D, E and F faced Norfolk, who had made the perfect six point start in the first session. It was E who got into their stride first, retaining control of the game on the way to an 11-4 win. It was a little less comfortable for D though, but a positive outcome nonetheless, an 8-3 win. Could F make it a full house? They could but only just, a close game in which they held their nerve to edge an 8-7 win. Even at this early stage, an important maximum six point session and Suffolk went to the top of the overall leaderboard.

The third session saw rinks A, B and C returning to the carpets to play Bedfordshire. Again it was B who made the best start and there was only ever going to be one outcome, one-way traffic and a superb 18-0 win. Next to get points on the board were A, bouncing back well from their first session loss to record a 12-3 win. Would this be another six point session? It was, as C also won their game, fairly comfortably by 12-5.

Cambridgeshire were the opposition for Suffolk in the fourth session and three contrasting games followed. First the bad news, F just couldn’t get to grips with their carpet and the game just drifted away, a 4-11 defeat. D were playing well again though and were always doing enough to merit a win, which was duly delivered, their second consecutive 8-3 victory. It was the remaining game involving E which was always in the balance, but they were holding their own against a strong opposition rink. It came down to the wire and deservedly they earned a hard fought 7-6 win.

At the halfway point on day one, Suffolk were still in top spot, six points up on Norfolk.

It was Northumberland who Suffolk faced next, and for A and B it always looked like wins were on the cards. So it proved to be, 10-3 and 10-6 respectively. Not quite so straightforward for C though, a very low scoring game in which they did just enough to scrape a hard earned 5-4 win on a nervy last end. Another maximum six point session though and Suffolk’s good day was continuing.

Another northern county opponent in Durham were next for D, E and F. In this session it was F who were the early pace setters, flying out of the blocks and never looking back. F hitting top form on their way to a convincing and high scoring 18-6 win. The other two Suffolk rinks weren’t too far behind them though, D winning by 11-4 and E by 8-3. Six points on the board again and a good day for Suffolk was getting better.

In the penultimate session of day one it was back to local opposition in the form of now second place Hertfordshire for A, B and C. An important session of bowls, one which had three games of high quality and low scoring. Wins would have to be earned and A did just that, first blood to Suffolk with a 7-4 win. Meanwhile C were involved in a real see-saw game, in which the outcome always felt like it was going to the final bowls. It did and C came out the victors, but only by the slimmest margin of 8-7 to complete an unbeaten day for them. Finally the best game involved B, another which would go the distance. Come the end and despite their best efforts, B just couldn’t get the two shots they needed for a creditable draw, losing by just the odd shot, 5-6.

The final playing session for Suffolk on Saturday saw D, E and F face Essex and they were hoping for a strong finish. With confidence high from their last win, F started where they’d left off and were soon in control again, running out comfortable 13-3 winners. Meanwhile both D and E were looking for their fourth consecutive wins of the day, to stay unbeaten. For E their game was a little more straightforward as they eased to a 12-5 win. D were made to work a bit harder, but the outcome was the same, a solid 9-7 win.

Suffolk sat out the final session and what a fantastic first day they’d had, losing only three games out of twenty four played, five maximum point sessions and with rinks C, D and E all with unblemished records. Overall, Suffolk sat in top spot on forty two points, Hertfordshire were in second place with thirty one and Norfolk a further point behind them. It was looking like Suffolk’s competition to lose, but the second day, as with the first would be hard fought with plenty of points still left to play for.

As with day one, Suffolk faced Sunderland first, with rinks D, E and F on the carpets. All three games had tight early ends, but then E and F got Suffolk off to the winning start they were hoping for. With their fifth consecutive win, E secured an 8-4 win and continuing their excellent form from day one, F were a little more comfortable with an 11-4 win. Unfortunately for the previously unbeaten D, the “wheels fell off”, a 2-16 loss and simply a game to forget.

Second place Norfolk were Sunday’s first opponents for A, B and C and an important session of bowls for both counties. Could Norfolk close the gap or could Suffolk extend their overall lead? Good news (for Suffolk) as it was the latter. The tone was set by A, as they raced away to a one sided 15-3 win. Two more points were then added by C, less convincing but an important 7-3 win and their fifth consecutive win. The best game of the session involved B, a long tactical game with both rinks playing quality bowls. Come the end, the 6-6 draw was a fair reflection of an excellent game and a point gained. Overall Suffolk were delighted with the unbeaten session and the five points.

Could rinks D, E and F follow that up with further wins over Bedfordshire? It turned out to be far from straightforward as Bedfordshire gave a good account of themselves. That said, nothing was looking like stopping the winning machine that was Suffolk E. Another game, another win (9-2) and six wins on the bounce for them. D would also win, but it took them to the final end and pretty much the last bowl to edge their game 7-6. It was equally as close for F in the other game, nothing in it for nine ends, finishing with the tightest of measures on the final end. Alas, measure lost, one shot dropped but a hard earned point from a 5-5 draw.

Next up for A, B and C were Cambridgeshire, three tough games were expected. First the disappointment, a first loss of the weekend for C. Like the day before for F, they just couldn’t get to grip with the carpet and the ends slipped away, as did the game and a 5-8 defeat. Better news from B though, they were always in control of their game without looking like they were going to run away with it, finishing with a 7-4 win. Lastly for A, a close game and one always destined to be undecided until the last end. As it happened it wouldn’t be decided until the last bowl. 6-4 up but two down on the end, 6-6 looked like the outcome until the most (millimetre) perfect of all drawing bowls from skip David Ford stole the shot, a 7-4 win and their fifth consecutive win.

Overall Suffolk’s lead over second place Norfolk had now increased to a significant nineteen points.

It was Northumberland who were up next for D, E and F. This session saw the winning machine of Suffolk E malfunction for the first time. It must’ve been something they had for lunch, as they slipped to a 3-13 defeat. Meanwhile D and F weren’t having it all their own way, but as with previous close games, both found a way to win. It was four more points on the board for Suffolk, with D winning 8-6 and F by 12-8.

Overall it was now a twenty two point lead and Suffolk were on the brink of winning the title.

A, B and C faced Durham next knowing a single point would guarantee Suffolk the title, with three sessions to spare. After their previous session heroics, A couldn’t repeat their win and lost 5-9. However B and C were in no mood to delay the celebrations and duly delivered wins. C were convincing 13-2 winners, but this time the heroics came from B. A slow start saw them having to play catch-up, but some excellent middle end bowls saw them do the hard work to earn a 10-9 lead with an end to play. However it took a superb final end, final bowl running shot from skip Steven Cain to move the jack, save the game and grab an exciting 12-9 win.

Whilst Suffolk could not now be caught, they had two playing session to go and wanted to score more points. For D, E and F, their final opponents were Hertfordshire. F were having a great day and that continued with another good all round team display, winning 13-4 for their seventh consecutive unbeaten game. D had only lost one game all weekend and their fine form was unrelenting in winning their last game by 13-6. For E, they quickly put the disappointment of their last game loss behind them, a return to form but not quite enough to earn them a win. They finished with a very creditable 7-7 draw in a high quality game.

The final games of the weekend saw Essex as the opposition for A, B and C. B were involved in a tight game, where the final ends just didn’t go their way, finishing with a 6-9 loss. C took control of their game during the middle ends and eased away to a comfortable 11-5 win, finishing with seven wins from eight overall. Finally to finish the weekend on yet another high note, a last end 11-8 win for A.

Overall the finishing positions were:

PTS Shots+ Shots-





































Suffolk were National County champions for the fifth consecutive year.

Looking back at the event, Saturday had been such a successful day and losing only three games had given Suffolk a significant advantage over the rest. Sunday had been all about maintaining consistency and whilst the team performance didn’t hit the heights of Saturday, still only five games were lost. Every rink contributed at least eleven points (out of sixteen), in what was a superb all round team performance.

The weekend concluded a successful 2016/17 season for the Suffolk team, who have won everything on offer, ECCBA league, Six Counties and Teambowl, ECBA Inter-League and National Championships, an incredible achievement. Every squad bowler has contributed to those successes and Suffolk can be proud of how the team plays and conducts themselves.

The Suffolk team thank everyone who has supported them during the season and particularly those that travelled to Potters for the National Championships, it is greatly appreciated.

Neil Jolly (County Captain)

You can find the full set of results here.

Inter County League Play-Off Match 2017

On the evening of Friday 10 November at Potters, the 2017 Inter County League Play-Off match saw Suffolk face Sunderland, a repeat of last year’s match.

This match precedes the National County Championship and is between the Eastern Counties League winners and the Northern Counties League winners.

Suffolk were hoping to retain the trophy. Each county were represented by six rinks (fours), each playing one nine end game.

Suffolk’s team was:

A: Don Allum, John Varden, Colin Fellingham, David Ford
B: Ralph Sadgrove, Nick Wood, Andy Gilder, Steven Cain
C: Sue Davey, Ellen Grube, Peter Fellingham, Neil Jolly
D: Pete Runnacles, Steve Isles, Mick Watkins, Paul Daniels
E: Sally Goodrich, Graham Davey, Andy Pooley, Sue Gilder
F: Paul Leach, Rita Runnacles, Sam Runnacles, Clint Watling

Whilst not off to a flying start, it was generally the Suffolk rinks who got to grips with the Potters carpets first.

By the halfway stage, that good start had been rewarded with three of the Suffolk rinks having secured comfortable leads.

Suffolk A got the first two points on the board, easing away to a 9-4 win.

Two further points were added when Suffolk F got a similar win of 9-2.

That was soon followed by another win and two more points, this time from Suffolk C with a convincing 12-2 win.

Meanwhile there was no certainty in the remaining three matches, although in Suffolk’s favour, they were all close matches.

Suffolk E had gained themselves a small advantage but by the end they were just unable to hold on to it. However conceding only one shot on the final end, resulted in an 8-8 draw and that was enough to for Suffolk to win and retain the trophy.

In the other two matches, Suffolk D just dropped short in losing 7-9 and despite a valiant attempted comeback, Suffolk B lost by the slimmest margin of 7-8.

Suffolk had won the match 7-5 (shots: 52 – 33), the perfect start to their weekend.

Neil Jolly (County Captain)

2017/18 Suffolk Squad

The Suffolk squad trials took place on Sunday 15 October at Needham Market Community Centre.

Each bowler played six rinks games during the day, with every bowl scored on its accuracy.
There was a high standard of bowling throughout the day and very little to choose between a number of bowlers.

After careful consideration the following bowlers were selected for Suffolk’s first ECCBA league match, away to Hertfordshire on Sunday 26 November:

Neil Jolly - Brockley – captain
Sally Goodrich - Claydon – selector
Tom Runnacles - Barking – selector
Don Allum – Bealings
Steven Cain – Great Blakenham
Paul Daniels – Kelsale/ Belstead
Sue Davey - Cockfield
Peter Elmy – Bealings
Colin Fellingham - Cockfield
Peter Fellingham – Cockfield
Andy Gilder - Barking
Sue Gilder - Barking
Jim Goodrich – Claydon
Ellen Grube – Hundon
Steve Isles – Claydon
Andy Pooley – Great Blakenham
Pete Runnacles – Barking
Rita Runnacles – Barking
Sam Runnacles – Barking
Ralph Sadgrove – Hundon
John Varden – Great Blakenham
Mick Watkins – Barking
Clint Watling – Claydon
Nick Wood - Hundon

In addition to the above, the following bowlers were selected to make up the squad, to give the Selection Committee flexibility and cover in the event of unavailability during the season.

Karen Cadman – Chelmondiston
Graham Davey – Cockfield
Adam Hubbard – Chelmondiston
Sue Isles – Claydon
Paul Leach (unavailable for first match) – Stanningfield/ Thurston

The Selection Committee thanks Jane and Richard Sago, Keith Hull and Keith Jolly who assisted with scoring the games.

Neil Jolly

2017 Six Counties Charity Teambowl

On Sunday 24 September, Cambridgeshire CBA hosted the ECCBA Six Counties Charity Teambowl. This was the first ECCBA event to be held at the new Littleport Leisure Centre, so a good floor to bowl on but still a mixture of carpets which would be a challenge.

The competition involved the six Eastern Counties, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. Each county were represented by four singles,, four pairs and four triples, each playing one seven end game against each of the other counties.

Suffolk were looking to win the Teambowl for the fifth consecutive year and add the trophy to the league title and Six Counties already won in 2017. The team selected was:

S1: Steven Cain (single), Pete & Rita Runnacles (pair), Jim Goodrich, Ellen Grube & Sue Gilder (triple)
S2: Mick Watkins (single), Paul Leach & Colin Fellingham (pair), Ralph Sadgrove, Graham Davey & Neil Jolly (triple)
S3: Paul Daniels (single), Don Allum & Andy Gilder (pair), Peter Elmy, Nick Wood & Tom Runnacles (triple)
S4: Andy Pooley (single), Sally Goodrich & Sam Runnacles (pair), Sue Davey, John Varden & Peter Fellingham (triple)

Suffolk’s first opponents were Bedfordshire, with the four singles bowlers starting off. It was Andy who made the best start, completely controlling his game, on his way to a comfortable 9-2 win. Steven then added another two points with a 6-3 win and Mick held his nerve to edge a very tight 6-5 win. Paul slipping to a 3-7 defeat. Next on were the pairs and it was Sally/ Sam who made the best start and they eased away to a one-sided 14-2 win. Not far behind them were Pete/ Rita, just as straightforward for their 11-3 victory. Meanwhile the two other pairs were also ahead in their games and it was a full house with Paul/ Colin winning 9-3 and Don/ Andy winning 9-2. Finally, the triples and these games proved to be far closer than the pairs, but by the end, Suffolk still came out unbeaten. S3 played well to win their game 8-4, whilst there were the slimmest of wins for S4 and S1, by 6-5 and 8-7 respectively. Whilst not at their best, S2 held on for an 8-8 draw. Overall Suffolk were delighted with their twenty one points against Bedfordshire, just the start to the event they were hoping for.

Next up were Essex, who had also started well, taking seventeen points off Cambridgeshire. Historically the singles games against Essex are always close and these were no different. By the end, sharing two games each was a fair outcome. Paul bounced back well to win 8-4 and Steven got another win on the board, this time by 7-3. Whilst Mick and Andy didn’t bowl badly, their games were lost 3-5 and 4-9 respectively. In the pairs, the games were just as tight and wins would have to be earned. One game never in doubt was Pete/ Rita, as they eased to another win, by 8-2. Don/ Andy then added their second win of the day, only just by 8-6. Meanwhile it was all looking good for Sally/ Sam who had played well to secure an early advantage, but then one poor end stopped them in their tracks and the game was drawn 7-7. Unfortunately Paul/ Colin couldn’t add any more points, losing 5-7. The triples started well for Suffolk with S1 taking an early lead, which they extended to win comfortably 13-5. S2 followed that up with a tight 7-4 win, but that was the end of the Suffolk points. S3 and S4 defeated by 3-6 and 6-7 respectively. It had been a hard fought thirteen points taken off Essex but it kept Suffolk in first place overall, four points ahead of Hertfordshire.

Cambridgeshire were up next and four close singles games followed. At the midway point all of the games could’ve gone either way, so it was no surprise by the end when they were shared. Andy bounced back well from his previous loss to win 7-4 and the other two points were added by Paul with the closest of wins, by 8-7. There were the slimmest of defeats for Mick and Steven, by 6-7 and 4-5 respectively. In the pairs games, Don/ Andy flew out of the blocks and in the performance of the day, they won 14-0. Sally/ Sam soon added another two points, easing to an 8-2 win. The other two games were far closer, going to the final bowls before Suffolk completed a whitewash session. Paul/ Colin winning 6-4 and even closer were Pete/ Rita with a 5-4 win, for their third straight win of the day. In the triples matches, after a good start S2 were comfortable 12-5 winners and then S1 won their third consecutive game of the day, by 8-3. Another two points were added by S3, down to the wire with a 5-4 victory, but S4 slipped to a 3-9 loss. Overall Suffolk were pleased with the eighteen points scored against Cambridgeshire and that increased their advantage at the top to eight points ahead of Hertfordshire.

The penultimate session and Norfolk were the opponents. Again there were four very hard fought singles games, which Suffolk just edged. Three important wins, Mick by 6-4, Paul by 4-3 and with his final bowl, Andy by 8-6. In the pairs, there was no stopping Sally/ Sam as they raced away to an excellent 11-1 win and Pete/ Rita won again, this time by 6-4. It was looking like Don/ Andy would add another win but one end cost them, slipping to an 8-10 defeat, Paul/ Colin also just being edged out by 4-6. In the triples, it was again the unbeaten S1 leading the way, in complete control with a 12-1 win. S3 weren’t far behind them with an 11-3 win. The final two games always looked like going to the last ends, that’s exactly what happened and Suffolk were happy with two draws, S2 at 7-7 and S4 at 5-5. Fourteen points from Norfolk was a decent return and again Suffolk’s overall lead had increased, now up to twelve points over Hertfordshire, with the top two to play each other in the final session.

Suffolk went into those games against Hertfordshire knowing that just seven points were required to win the event. The singles set about trying to do just that and so nearly delivered. There were good wins for Steven (8-2), Mick (10-3) and Paul (9-2). In the pairs the winning points were secured, Don/ Andy with another good win by 10-4 and Sally/ Sam winning 9-5. Then to add the icing on to the cake, the triples finished the day with a whitewash four win session, wins for S1 (6-2), S2 (11-1), S3 (13-5) and S4 (8-7). Overall Suffolk scored eighteen points against Hertfordshire, who had been their closest competition throughout the day.

The final points and standings were:








It had been a good all round team performance from Suffolk, reflected by the significant margin of victory over the other counties. Particular mentions should go to:

* The pair of Sally Goodrich/ Sam Runnacles who were unbeaten with four wins and a draw;

* The unbeaten triples of Jim Goodrich, Ellen Grube and Sue Gilder (five wins) and Ralph Sadgrove, Graham Davey and Neil Jolly (three wins and two draws).

Neil Jolly (County Captain)

You can find the full set of results here.