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Suffolk Fours 2016/2017

There were 32 teams entered this year. Playing in 8 groups of 4 the top two teams from each group would qualify for the knockout stages which would produce the 8 teams for Finals Day.

Group 1
Bealings A won their first 2 games and led the group by 2 points. However they lost their last game which allowed both Cockfield A and Knodishall B to sneak past them on shots.

Group 2
and Chelmondiston A were both on 3 points after 2 games. Another win for Claydon/Barking gave them the group win and although Chelmondiston lost they too were through by a point.

Group 3
Somersham A
began with 2 wins which was enough to see them through as they lost their third game. Stanningfield on the other hand lost their first but won their last two 15-0 and 14-0 to win the group.

Group 4
Hundon B won both of their opening games and despite a losing their last game took the group win courtesy of one shot less against. Old Felixstowe after opening with a loss won their last two to finish second, with Gt Blakenham missing out by just 4 shots.

Group 5
Bealings C
opened with 2 wins to assure qualification while Claydon A had a win and a loss with 2 games played. In the final game those two played one another, Claydon won to finish first, Bealings finished second.

Group 6
Cockfield B
's two wins put them in pole position ahead of the final round of games. They won their final game and the group. Meanwhile Chelmondiston B recovered from losing their first game to win their remaining ones and finish second.

Group 7
Hundon A
won their first two games and a draw in their last was enough to win the group. Withersfield A had started with a loss, won their second game on their last wood and finished with a big win to secure second place.

Group 8
In a group in which one team had dropped out, Barking achieved qualification by winning the first game they actually played. The final game would see Witnesham A need to do no more than score 3 shots (as long as they didn't concede too many) to get through. And they did just that, losing 7-3 to get through by having a couple of shots less against than Lavenham.

Knockout Round
Hundon B
were handed an early advantage by their opponents Witnesham A who removed the jack from the mat on the first 3 ends. Hundon eventually went on to record an 11-2 win.

After moving out to a 5-0 lead Withersfield A were nearly caught by Stanningfield a couple of ends later, but Withersfield rallied and finished 9-5 winners.

A run of 6 shots over ends 2, 3 & 4 set Claydon/Barking up nicely to take a 7-3 win over Chelmondiston B.

Cockfield A led from the start and only allowed Bealings C to win a single end as they took a comfortable 15-1 win.

Old Felixstowe raced out to a 5-0 lead over Barking with 2 ends played. Even at 4 ends they were still nicely ahead 6-2. But Barking showed their class, coming back to grab the 2 shots they needed on the seventh end to require extra time. However Barking couldn't quite complete the job and Old Felixstowe just hung on to win 7-6.

After dropping one on the first end Hundon A ran out to an 8-1 lead over Somersham A over the next 3 ends and controlled the game thereafter to win 10-4.

Only 5 shots were shared amongst Cockfield B and Chelmondiston A over the first 5 ends, but 4 of them went to Chelmo. They doubled that tally over the last couple of ends to take an 8-1 win that no doubt looks more comfortable than it felt at the mat.

Claydon A led Knodishall B 3-1 after 3 ends, but the 4th was decisive. The jack was push to one corner and the woods piled in for Claydon, Knodishall could do nothing and dropped a hefty 7 shots. Thereafter Claydon had control of the game which finished more respectably for Knodishall at 10-5 down.

Chelmondiston A
- Wal Kittle, Chris Cook, Gilbert Lakey & Mick Maile
Claydon A - Sue & Steve Isles and Jim & Sally Goodrich
Claydon/Barking - Emma & Clint Watling, Matt Crane & Tom Runnacles
Cockfield A - Colin & Peter Fellingham and Graham & Sue Davey
Hundon A - Ellen Grube, Kevin Salmon and Linda & Ralph Sadgrove
Hundon B - Andrew Cooper, Ann Hathaway, Pam Decks & Nick Wood
Old Felixstowe - John Austin, John & Berna Bradford and David Tennant
Withersfield A - Sam & Trish Agnew and Tony & Lin Cooke

Suffolk Singles 2016/2017 PM Session

The afternoon session's 28 players would play down to the last 3 qualifiers.

Group 1
won all 3 games to win the group while Chelmondiston K lost just once to finish runners-up.

Group 2
Barking F
won three times to take the group while the others all won only once.

Group 3
Chelmondiston I
, Gt Blakenham C and Barking E all won two and lost one so it came down to shots with Barking just losing out.

Group 4
Thurston B
took maximum points to win while Bildeston H won one, lost one and drew one, but that was enough to go through.

Group 5
Another group where three players won 2 and lost 1. Bildeston G's 20 shots won the group, Kelsale C's 18 was good enough for 2nd and Cockfield A's 16 wasn't quite good enough.

Group 6
Hoggards Green J
dropped just one point to win the group while 2 wins for Chelmondiston J was enough for 2nd place.

Group 7
Cockfield B
gained maximum points to win the group while the others all won just once.

Knockout Rounds
Round 1

A 4 on the second end for Brockley was just about enough to win the game which saw Bildeston G come back to lose 6-5 on a measure.

In an extremely tight game it was only one shot per end between Barking F and Gt Blakenham C, but Barking were able to secure 5 of those ends to take the win.

Despite a good start Chelmondiston J slipped behind Chelmondiston I as the game entered it's second half and 'I' took the win 6-4.

Winning the first 5 ends meant that Thurston B could afford to srop the last couple of ends to Kelsale C and still take the win 7-2.

Bildeston H usually hand the upper hand over Hoggards Green J, but Hoggards levelled the score twice, including on the fianl end, taking the game into extra time, but Bildeston just edged it to win 6-5.

Four ends in and Cockfield B had a comfortable 7-1 lead over Chelmondiston K, but it truned out that the game was far from over. Four on the 5th end brought Chelmo back into the game and one each on the final 2 ends squared the game and forced an extra end which Chelmo took to cap off a remarkable comeback, winning 10-7.

Round 2
After Brockley won the first couple of ends, Thurston B came back to level and then take the lead but in a game where each player made their last wood count on more than one occasion Brockley levelled the score at 7 ends and went on to take the game on the tie-break, winning 7-5.

In a game where there was usually just the odd shot in it at the finish of an end it was Chelmondiston K who had the upper hand over Barking F. Winning five of the first six ends meant that the game was over before the last end. The game ended 6-4 to Chelmo.

Chelmondiston I made the perfect start with a full house over Bildeston H on the first end, but 8 shots over the next 4 ends saw Bildeston sweep into the lead. A tentative comeback was soon quashed and Bildeston took the game 10-6.

Karen Cadman
Neil Jolly (Brockley)
Brenda McIntyre (Bildeston)

Suffolk Singles 2016/2017 AM Session

There were 44 players competing in the morning session who would play down to the last 5.

Group 1
Barking C
won all 3 games to finish top of the group while Kelsale A won two and lost one to qualify as a runner-up.

Group 2
won 3 times to win the group while Chelmondiston G lost just once and also qualified.

Group 3
Chelmondiston L
and Hoggards Green A drew with each other and won their other 2 games to both go through. Hoggards was the group winner on shots.

Group 4
Hoggards Green B
took 3 close wins to top the group. Claydon A with 2 wins qualified in second.

Group 5
Barking A
topped the group with 2 wins and a draw while Chelmondiston B won twice and lost once to go through in second.

Group 6
Chelmodiston D
finished top, winning all three games and despite one heavy loss Old Felixstowe A went through as a runner-up.

Group 7
Barking B
and Withersfield B both had 2 wins and a loss. Barking took the group win on shots.

Group 8
Witnesham B
dominated the group, winning all three games while the rest each won once and failed to qualify.

Group 9
As with Group 8 it was a case of one 3 time winner with the rest getting just one win each. It was Bealings who went through while the rest were out.

Group 10
Witnesham A
took 3 wins out of 3 to finish on top while Stanningfield's two wins was enough to qualify.

Group 11
In the closest of all the groups Chelmondiston won twice to wop the group while both Knodishall A and Gt Blakenham B had a win and a draw. By 2 shots it was Blakenham who made it through as the final qualifier.

Knockout Rounds
Round 1
over ran Old Felixstowe A to finish 11-0 ahead with an end to go.

Hoggards Green A started well but Claydon A caught up and finally won 8-5.

Hoggards Green B and Chelmondiston B had to go to an extra end to settle their tie with Hoggards just taking the win 7-6.

Barking A and Withersfield A were close at 3 ends, but Barking ran away at the end to win 10-3.

Barking C started well but then lost the lead to Stanningfield midway through only to then take 10 shots in the last 3 ends to win 14-5.

After the first end Barking B barely got a look in against Chelmondiston L who led the rest of the way to win 10-5.

Witnesham B led all the way against Chelmondiston G to win 9-3.

Bealings led Witnesham A with 3 ends to go but Witnesham came back to win 7-4.

Kelsale A led from the start and despite faltering a little still managed beat Chelmondiston A 7-2.

Chelmondiston D and Gt Blakenham B needed an extra end to separate them. It was Chelmo who just took it to win 6-5.

Round 2
never trailed Chelmondishton L and finished up with a 7-2 win.

A three good middle ends for Witnesham B meant that Claydon A had to chase the game in the last 2 ends but couldn't make up the gap. Witnesham won 7-4.

Witnesham A chipped out a 4-0 lead after 4 ends against Hoggards Green B. Hoggards took one back but 4 for Witnesham on the 6th put the game out of reach, finally winning 9-1.

Kelsale A, 6-4 down to Barking A and 3 shots down on the 6th end required a highly fortuitous shot to send the jack back up the mat to somehow take 2 and level the game and then hung on to the last end to win 7-6.

There was only 1 shot in it after 4 ends between Barking C and Chelmondiston D, but a full house for Barking suddenly extended the lead to 5 and pretty much settled the game. Barking won 9-5.

Don Allum
(Witnesham A)
Andrew Cooper (Hundon)
Paul Daniels (Kelsale A)
Peter Elmy (Witnesham B)
Mick Watkins (Barking C)

Suffolk Pairs 2016/2017 Week II

As with the first week there were 32 teams playing in 8 groups of 4 with the top 2 teams qualifying for the Knockout Stages.

Group 1
Claydon B won all three of their games to come home clear winners of the group. The remaining teams all finished on 2 points, the best of whom was Chelmondiston E, by just one shot.

Group 2
After both teams won their opening games Bealings B and Chelmondiston D drew with one another. Chelmo went on to win their last game and top the group and although Bealings lost they had already done enough to go through.

Group 3
With each team having played twice it was still the case that any one of them could qualify, although with 3 points already in the bag Barking E stood far and away the best chance. And Barking it was that won the group, finishing on 5 points. Chelmondiston F won a second time to finish second.

Group 4
With two comfortable wins under their belts Barking A had already qualified with a game to go and they finished with a third win. Despite losing their last game Bildeston hung on to second place by 3 shots.

Group 5
Witnesham won all three of their games to take the groups, while Badwell Ash A lost just once and also qualified.

Group 6
After a narrow win in their first game Gt Blakenham C followed that with a more comfortable victory to lead the group before rounding things off with a third win. The other three teams won one and lost two, with Cholmondiston C sneaking second place by a single shot.

Group 7
Brockley were in a strong position after winning their first 2 games and came home comfortable winners of the group with maximum points. Hundon D, winning twice and losing once were runners-up.

Group 8
Barking B came home well ahead of the rest in another group where one team won all three games and the rest won once. Badwell Ash B picked up enough shots to take second place.

Knockout Rounds
Round 1
Chelmondiston D
managed to overturn a 5-2 defecit with 2 ends to go to beat teammates Chelmondiston C 8-5.

Barking E just kept their noses ahead to beat Hundon D 7-4.

Barking A trailed Badwell Ash B 4-1 with 3 ends played, but came back to win 7-5.

Claydon B needed an extra end to beat Badwell Ash A 5-4.

Gt Blakenham C came home to a comfortable 15-2 win over Bealings B.

Despite losing the first end Chelmondiston F came back to lead by 5 shots going into the last end, but with one wood to go Brockley held 3 and had a chance to make it 5, unfortunately the woods didn't quite roll their way and 4 was all they could manage. Chelmo won 7-6.

The lead in the game between Barking B and Bildeston went back and forth but it was all square going into the last. Barking finally took a single to win 5-4.

Witnesham were run close by Chelmondiston E early on in their game, but ran away in the final few ends to win 12-2.

Round 2
Gt Blakenham C
had another comfortable win, beating Barking E 13-1.

It was another close game for Claydon B and again it required an extra end as the game between them and Chelmondiston D sttod at 4-4 after 7 ends. And it looked like it would be a repeat of their previous game, but the final wood from Chelmo, although, it was a little narrow, got enough of a wick to remove Claydon's shot wood and drop in behind the jack. Claydon had little chance with their final wood and the game went to Chelmo 5-4.

Chelmondiston F again chipped out a nice lead, this time against Barking A. The led 5-2 after 5 ends, but Barking levelled the scores on the next. Chelmo were able to nudge the jack back to hold one until Barking's final wood just dropped in close enough. Chelmo couldn't beat it and Barking won the game 6-5.

From 6-3 down after 4 ends, Barking B came back over the last 3 ends to beat Witnesham 9-6.

Barking A - Tom & Sam Runnacles
Barking B - Pete & Rita Runnacles
Chelmondiston D - Michael Maile & Patrick Mann
Gt Blakenham C - David Ford & Steven Cain

Suffolk Pairs 2016/2017 Week I

The 32 teams playing in week 1 competed in 8 groups of 4, from which the top 2 would qualify for the Knockout Rounds. The 16 qualifiers would then play down to the last 4 who would go through to Finals Day.

Group 1
Both Burstall A and Gt Blakenham A picked up 12 shots in their first games. And when the two teams met it was Blakenham who won to virtually assure themselves of winning the group, which they did with a third comfortable win.

The remaining teams all won 1 and lost 2 so it came down to shots which meant that Burstall A with 19 shots went through ahead of Knodishall C (15 shots).

Group 2
With one team having withdrawn only one of the remaining teams would miss out on qualification. Barking C won their two opening games and since the last would be a walkover they were through.

Second place in the group was therefore to be decided in the game between Knodishall B and Claydon E and it was Claydon, who had roared away to an early lead, who made it through.

Group 3
Withersfield B and Cockfield D began with wins and then drew with one another. Those two were on 3 points with Belstead 1 behind.

Withersfield won their final game to qualify while Cockfield and Belstead played off for the other spot. A draw for Cockfield would be enough, but despite grabbing an early lead Belstead came back to win on the last end to take second place.

Group 4
Withsfield A and Barking D both came from behind to finish with one shot victories in their first games and then when they met in the next game drew 7-7.

Withersfield finished with another win to qualify while Kelsale B would need to beat Barking, who would only need a draw. It was nip and tuck all the way but Kelsale just hang on for the win to secure qualification.

Group 5
Hoggards Green D and Nayland both started with wins. Nayland won again but Hoggards lost to Hundon, leaving them both on 2 points. Nayland won again to top the group while a second win for Hundon also saw them through.

Group 6
Hoggards Green C and Lavenham both won their opening games 8-3. Lavenham followed up with another win while Hundon A beat Hoggards to leave those two tied for second.

The final two games saw the group end up as the tightest of the day. Hundon won to finish on 4 points and 16 shots. Hoggards beat Lavenham to go to 4 points and 19 shots, winning the group, but although Lavenham lost they finished on 4 points and 18 shots to qualify.

Group 7
Burstall B and Claydon C won their first games. Claydon won again but Burstall lost to Hundon B which mean that those two were both now on 2 points.

Claydon won for a third time to finish top of the group while Hundon won again to finish second.

Group 8
Hoggards Green B and Cockfield E started with wins and then played one another with Hoggards coming out on top. That left Cockfield and Knodishall A tied for second place.

Hoggards made it three out of three to win the group and a second win for Cockfield saw them also qualify.

Knockout Rounds
Round 1

From 3-1 ahead after 5 ends Barking C ran away at the end to beat Lavenham 10-1.

All square at 4 ends, Hundon B finished well to beat Withersfield B 8-2.

2-2 after 4 ends, Withersfield A won each of the last 3 ends against Cockfield E to win 6-2.

There was not much in it in the early running between Gt Blakenham A and Hundon C but Hundon took the last 5 ends to win 8-1.

Claydon E came from behind twice and led 6-5 with 2 ends to go, but Hoggards Green C came through for a 10-6 win.

Belstead led 6-0 after 2 ends but allowed Claydon C to level the score on the next. After that the lead swung back and forth with Claydon taking the last end to win 10-9.

Hoggards Green B were ahead from the very start against Kelsale B and ran out 11-3 winners.

Burstall A almost squandered a good lead, they were 6-1 up against Nacton with 2 ends to go and just managed to hold on for a 6-5 win.

Round 2
Hoggards Green B
dominated the early part of their game against Burstall A and took a resounding 14-1 victory.

Withersfield A took an early lead against Claydon C but it was all square after 4 ends. However the next was crucial as Withersfield grabbed 4, coming home 9-5 winners.

It took Barking C 6 ends to draw level with Hundon C only for Hundon to take the last end and win the game.

Hundon B were nicely ahead 5-1 after 3 ends against Hoggards Green C, but Hoggards chipped away, finally taking 2 on the last to sneak a 6-5 win.

Hoggards Green B - Geoff & Margaret Holland
Hoggards Green C - Chris Nunn & Sheila Cocksedge
Hundon C - Anne Hathaway & Nick Wood
Withersfield A - Lin Cooke & Peter Pethybridge

Suffolk Triples 2016/2017

There was an entry of 35 teams playing fro this year's Suffolk Triples title, playing in 7 groups of 5 with the winners and runners-up from each group qualifying for the knockout rounds along with the 2 best 3rd placed teams.

Group 1
Barking B
and Bentley finished first and second respectively, both with 6 points.

Group 2
Kelsale A
finished top of the group, winning all 4 games, Barking A won three times to finish runners-up while Brockley's 4 points and 28 shots were enough to also qualify.

Group 3
dominated the group, winning all their games with the runner-up spot groing to Cockfield C who were the best of 3 teams to finish on 4 points.

Group 4
Chelmondiston C
took 4 wins out of 4 to win the group. The next best were Bealings with 4 points and one shot better than Knodishall A, but that was good enough for Knodishall to go through as well.

Group 5
Knodishall B
won all their games to comfortably win the group. Withersfield C's 4 points and 31 shots was just enough for them to finish runners-up.

Group 6
Cockfield B
were another team to win all their group games, while Hundon B managed to qualify with 2 wins and 2 loses.

Group 7
Withersfield A
won three of their four games, finishing 2 points clear of Lavenham, another team who finished the best of 3 on 4 points.

First Round
Just over the halfway mark in their all Barking match, B were 4-3 up, but A struck back with 4 to regain the lead and although B took back 2, A took the last end to win 9-6.

Kelsale A were comfortably ahead of Knodishall A 7-2 with 3 ends to go. Knodishall clawed their way back but in the end fell just one shot short, losing 7-6.

After taking a shot on the first end Claydon found that the rest of their game against Brockley was all one way traffic, in the opposite direction. Brockley winning 9-1.

Withersfield C were ahead on the second end against Chelmondiston C and never gave up their lead as with finished 7-3 ahead.

Hundon B took 3 on the first end against Knodishall B and never looked back, taking a comfortable 11-2 win.

Cockfield B ran out to an early 7-0 lead over Bealings and then rested on their laurels, but still hung out for a 7-5 win.

Withersfield A were 4-0 up against Cockfield C 2 ends in, but Cockfield took the next 4 ends and the game, 8-5.

Bentley took 3 on the first end against Lavenham and maintained a lead through the game to win 6-3.

Quarter Finals
A 4 shout count in their favour saw Barking A take the lead over Brockley who preceeded to come back, but ran out of time with Barking 6-5 up.

Withersfield C were off to the better start against Kelsale A but with one wood left to bowl it was Kelsale who had game lie, but the final wood was perfectly judged, cutting Kelsale down to just one to win the game 5-4.

A 5 and a 4 on consecutive ends helped Cockfield B home to a resounding 12-3 win over Bentley.

Hundon B and Cockfield C won alternate ends through their match, but it was Hundon who won 4 to Cockfield's 3, winning 8-3.

It could hardly be said that Barking A dominated their match up with Withersfield C, but chipping away at their opposition saw them come home 7-1 winners, having won 6 out of 7 ends.

There was never much between Hundon B and Cockfield C and with an end to go it was all square at 4-4, but the final end went to Cockfield as they won 6-4

Barking A
(Tom & Sam Runnacles and Clint Watling) v Cockfield B (Graham & Sue Davey and Colin Fellingham)
End 1 – A rather wayward end to start the game. Tom is the first person to get near the jack, but he can only do it once. Barking lead 1-0.
End 2 – Sam just outdraws Sue and close though he comes, Colin can't budge it. 2-0 to Barking.
End 3 – Sue is on the jack with her second and both are pushed just beyond the long spot. All the remaining woods fall short and Cockfield are on the board. 2-1 to Barking.
End 4 – With no one very close Graham draws onto the jack. It gets moved a little, but holds on to level the game 2-2.
End 5 – Sue's first wood is on the jack which Sam then moves into the open to hold. Colin draws that wood with his last to hold 2 and a slightly rash shot from Tom gives them a third. Cockfield lead 5-2.
End 6 – Another end were no one troubles the jack until Tom's final wood. Holding one, he takes a second. 5-4 to Cockfield.
Final End – With the jack on the move Sam takes shot with a plant and sits a few inches behind the jack. On a swinging hand Tom draws second. He attempts a blocker which ends up behind the centre (who knows which side he was trying to block) but with his last Colin fails in his efforts to knock one of his woods closer and Barking snatch the win 6-5.

Tom Runnacles
Sam Runnacles
Clint Watling

Colin Fellingham
Graham Davey
Sue Davey