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Lakeside X - June 2016

The week of 20-24 June saw us back on Hayling Island for an amazing 10th time, it really doesn't seem that long since our first visit.

As in previous years the Pairs was played over Tuesday and Wednesday Mornings and all of Thursday, while Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings was set aside for the Fours.

This year's Fours would be played across 3 nights with no knockout stages. The winning team would be the one at the top of the table after their 6 games.

Of the 15 teams in competition, 6 of them won both their opening night games.

Leading the way were Masters-Swan with 27 shots and despite that impressive opening the second placed Williams-Kitchen team were only 6 shots back. Lloyd-Mason-Bowen were on 16 shots, MADJAC were on 15, Whittaker-Stone-Forrest had 12 shots and Woods-Lines-Cousins were 6th having managed to finish on top of two remarkably tight games, which they had won 5-4 and 4-3.

The second evening's games were a touch closer than the first night's. This time only five teams were able to win both games, and only one of those had won both on Monday.

Top of the pile were MADJAC and Hume-Staines with 22 shots, just behind were Crump-Kermath with 21 shots, then Harden-Kelly-Russell on 16 shots and finally Frost-Brown with 15 shots.

The effect of all of that was to put MADJAC firmly in the lead with a maximum 8 points, 2 clear of 3 other teams which were led by Masters-Swan who had 42 shots, Williams-Kitchen on 25 points and Hume-Staines on 32 shots.

And with the top two playing one another in the final round of games on Wednesday there was plenty of opportunity for someone else to still take the win.

opened with a comfortable win to keep themselves on top and it was the same story for the other contenders which meant that everything would rest on the final games.

In reality it was all going to come down to one match, that between the top 2 teams. If MADJAC won or drew they would take the overall win. If Masters-Swan won the game they would probably finish top, unless either Williams-Kitchen or Hume-Staines could come up with a lot of shots.

And in that crucial game MADJAC were never behind and moreover knew what they had to do. Going into the last end they were 4 ahead and always mindful of the situation. It always looked unlikely that Masters-Swan were going to even get a draw, but the final wood at least did that for them.

In the end MADJAC finished on 11 points, while Williams-Kitchen and Hume-Staines also won, both finishing on 10 points and 51 shots, Williams-Kitchen just finishing second with 4 shots less against, leaving Masters-Swan to be relegated to a fourth place finish.


The competition, as in previous years, would see the teams play 34 teams each on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, after which the top 16 would qualify for Thurday afternoon's knockout rounds.

As you might image, near enough half of the field won their opening game's. With just one game drawn, there were 15 winners to start the week.

Of those, 11 went on to win their second games, with the field being headed by Preston & Jo Gypps, Jim Spriggs & Paul Daniels and David & Linda Williams who all had 20 shots.

Tursday's final games saw more teams getting off the mark and the number of teams who had won all there games reduce to just five.

And it was still as close as you would like at the very top with Jim Spriggs & Paul Daniels and Dee Whittaker & Chris Tillbrook tied together on 28 shots. Only a couple of shots behind were David & Linda Williams, back on 18 shots were George & Joy Kitchen and on 17 shots, having won each of their games by just a single shot were John Lloyd and Sally Mason.

Unfortunately, despite their great start, John & Sally's efforts were going to be severely compromised as an unavoidable appointment on Wednesday would mean that they were going to have to forfeit their Day 2 games. However, thanks to their great start, they would still be in with a shout come Thursday.

Only Jim Spriggs & Paul Daniels and George & Joy Kitchen were able to continue their running of victories into the first game on Wednesday.

Just behind them were David & Linda Williams and Sylvia Cox & Annette Iskett who also won and were now on 7 points, still undefeated. Behind them there were only 4 teams who had lost just once, so as the week wore on the results were starting to even themselves out.

There was no change to the top four as they completed their 5th games, but behind there were now only 2 teams left who had won four times, Dee Whittaker & Chris Tilbrook and Pat Kelly & Enid Russell.

However the final round of games for day 2 saw the two leading teams recording their first losses. And with David & Linda and Sylvia & Annette winning it was those two teams who would finish the day on top.

Behind them Jim & Paul and George & Joy, on 10 points, were joined by Dee Whittaker & Chris Tilbrook and Pat Kelly & Enid Russell.

Next best were 4 teams on 8 points that made up the rest of the top 10, followed by 5 teams on 7 points and 8 on 6 points. In total 23 teams with a realistic chance of making the last 16 on Thursday afternoon.

The day started with a win for David & Linda to maintain their unbeaten run and guarantee qualification. However the joint leaders Sylvia & Annette recorded their first loss and would have to wait a little longer to confirm their almost certain qualification.

Pat & Enid and Jim & Paul also won again and that too meant that they were through to the knockout rounds.

The second round of games saw the leaders become the final team to record a loss, they were already through anyway but it was still a matter of finishing with as good a record as possible to get the best draw for the afternoon.

Sylvia & Annette were back on the winning trail again and were now through and it was the same for George & Joy Kitchen and Alistair & Lynne Kermath.

Don Poulter & Joan Clark, Dee Whittaker & Chris Tilbrook and Chris Clark & Maxine Poulter both won again make their way through, which meant that with one round of games to go there were 9 teams through and 7 places still to be decided.

And the first of those places was taken by Paul & Sue Cousins who finished on 11 points, as did Preston & Jo Gypps.

As the final set of games ended the remaining qualifiers emerged, Roy & Jackie Harden, Keith & Prim Hume, Tony & Pat Staines, Paul & Sue Cousins, Jim & Margaret Forrest and finally Peter Masters & Rita Daniels.

In the end the top spots were held by Jim Spriggs & Paul Daniels (16 points), David & Linda Williams (15 points) and Sylvia Cox & Annette Iskett (15 points)

Knockout Rounds
Round 1

It was a round where, quite rightly none of the games were run away victories.

Top qualifiers against bottom qualifiers almost inevitably went the way of the lower ranked team. It was only one shot per end, but Peter Masters & Rita Daniels beat Jim Spriggs & Paul Daniels 6-1.

And it was the same for the 2nd ranked team versus 15th. Although David & Linda Williams went into the last end 1 shot up on Jim & Margaret Forrest, they dropped 2 to lose 8-7.

Keith & Prime Hume always had their noses in front of Roy & Jackie Harden, taking a 5-3 win.

And Dee Whittaker & Chris Tilbrook similarly led from the start against Chris Clark & Max Poulter, winning 6-2.

Don Poulter & Joan Clark were a shot behind with 2 ends to go against Tony & Pat Staines, but came back to win 5-3.

Pat Kelly & Enid Russell had the benefit of a 4 shot haul on the first end against George & Joy Kitchen and despite losing 3 of the back on end 2, they stayed ahead to win 8-4.

With 6 ends played between Alistair & Lynne Kermath and Preston & Jo Gypps it was 3 all, but Alistair & Lynne had the best of the final end and won the game 5-3.

Sylvia Cox & Annette Iskett led from the start against Paul & Sue Cousins and came safely home to a 6-2 win.

Quarter Finals
While they hardly ran away with it, Sylvia & Annette's victory over Alistair & Lynne was clear cut. They chipped away, winning each end to take an 8-0 win.

It was nip and tuck all the way between Dee & Chris and Don & Joan, each taking a turn in the lead, but a shot on each of the last 3 ends for Don & Joan sent them through 5-4.

And it was close between Peter & Rita and Keith & Prim, until the 6th end when a 4 to Peter & Rita put the game out of reach. They won 9-3.

It was a good start for Pat & Enid as they took 3 shots on the furst end against Jim & Margaret, but their opponents came back and forged ahead to take an 8-4 win.

In a match where all the ends were close, it was always Don & Joan that came out ahead of Peter & Rita. Three shots was a good start for them on the first end and after that continued to build finally winning 8-0.

Jim & Margaret were always in the hunt, but Sylvia & Annette always seemed to be just ahead. It was all square at 3-3 after 5 ends but Sylvia & Annette managed one on the penultimate end and carried their advantage to the last end. A 7-3 final score made it look easier than it actually was.

Don Poulter & Joan Clark
vs Sylvia Cox & Annette Iskett
End 1 – Joan draws the jack early on, it gets moved, but Don takes advantage and they pick up 4, a very good start.
End 2 – Joan is close again and Don builds on it. They take another 3 to make it 7-0.
End 3 – Sylvia & Annette need to get a start in the game and finally they do and it's 2 shots. They trail 2-7.
End 4 – Unfortunately for the West Sussex ladies, Joan is consistently finding the jack no matter what the length and she and Don take those 2 shots from the previous end back again. 9-2.
End 5 – Again Joan is outbowling Annette but Sylvia saves the day with her last wood to take 2. 9-4.
End 6 – The best end of the game has woods of both colours crowding the jack. But Don frees it and draws shot with his final wood to take the game realistically out of reach. 10-4.
Final End – Joan does exactly what she needs to do, pushing a long jack back even further to make the opposition's task impossible. Somehow they get three, but sadly it's not enough. Don & Joan win 10-7.

Don & Joan take the Lakeside Pairs for the second time, having previously won it in 2012 while the title eludes Sylvia & Annette yet again.

Many thanks to everyone for another great week of bowling and for adding another £160 to the money we have raised for East Anglia Air Ambulance.

And finally we are pleased to say that Warners have had a change of heart regarding the Bowls Hall. It will certainly be there next year (we have booked the same week for 2017) and they anticipate that it will be around for another 4 or 5 years at least.

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24th June 2016