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The week of 13th to 17th June 2011 saw us return to Hayling Island for the fifth time.

This year we decided to expand the Fours from 2 to 3 evenings worth of play.

Each of the 20 teams would be playing 2 games of Monday and Tuesday evenings, with the top 4 teams then playing down to find the winners on Wednesday evening.

After Monday night's play the Hume/Staines team led the way with 23 shots from their 2 wins. Second place was a tie between the Evans/Adolph/Daniels and Ball/Bond/Walker teams, both of whom had 19 shots for and 7 shots against, from their 2 wins.

Fourth place was held by MADJAC on 15 shots and with 14 shots the Ridgeon/Bol and Johnson/Bunch/Brown teams were in 5th and 6th placed respectively.

Although the second evening's games brought several changes, not the least of which was that only 2 teams were able to carry though with their perfect records, the top 4, if not their actual order, remained the same.

The pair of teams with 4 wins out of four were MADJAC and the Evans/Adolph/Daniels teams. Behind them the Hume/Staines team finished 3rd, having dropped just a single point.

Meanwhile fourth place, and the final qualifying spot, went to the Ball/Bond/Walker team, although only by the narrowest of margins. The finished a single shot ahead of the Johnson/Bunch/Brown team who must merit an honourable mention for finishing so closely behind.

There was not much to tell between MADJAC and the Ball/Bond/Walker teams through the first half of their semi-final, although with 4 ends played MADJAC had edged out to a 4-2 lead. However the 5th end was the telling one as MADJAC took a massive 6 shots, effectively ending the game there and then. They went on to win 12-3.

Having taken 2 shots on the first end of their game the Evans/Adolph/Daniels team then proceeded to throw it all away with a disastrous second end on which their opponents, the Hume/Staines team took all of 5 shots. The next couple of ends saw an exchange of shots so with 3 ends to go Hume/Staines were 6-3 up. However one shot on each of the next 2 ends saw Evans/Adolph/Daniels bring it back to just a one shot deficit with the final end to play. And with 2 shots on that final end Evans/Adolph/Daniels regained the lead that had not held since that first end, to sneak into the final.

Again Evans/Adolph/Daniels took the first end only to lose their lead on the next. MADJAC were 3-1 up with 2 ends played and with the next 2 ends shared were still 4-3 up with 4 ends down. However some decisive woods played with a little weight and some fortunate finishes saw Evans/Adolph/Daniels take the lead on the next end, extend it to 8-4 with one end to go and finish 9-4 winners.

Winners – Jane Evans, Roberta Adolph and Mike & Rita Daniels
Runners-Up – Maxine & Don Poulter and Chris & Joan Clark
Semi-Finalists – Keith & Prim Hume and Tony & Pat Staines
Semi-Finalists – Harold & Patricia Ball, Mike Walker and Adrian Bond

As usual the Pairs was the main event. This part of the week would see everyone having 2 games on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, with the top 16 teams going forward to play the Knockout Stages which would be held on Thursday afternoon, to round off the week's bowling.

Game 1
18 teams got off to winning starts for the week. Top amongst those were Bob Jones & Derek Hudson who scored 13 shots in their first game. They were being closely followed by Tony & Pat Staines who were a single shot being the leaders.

One further shot back were Dot & Syd Tanner, on 11 shots, while Colin & Jean Love had 10 shots and Brian & Grace Crump rounded out the top 5 having scored 9 shots in their win.

Game 2
10 teams were able to follow-up their initial wins with victory in their second games.

The front runners were now Maxine Poulter & Chris Clark who had scored 20 shots in their 2 wins, while Robin & Heather Brown were sitting in second place, just 1 shot adrift.

Marion & Peter Hayde and Keith & Maureen Batson were tied for 3rd place with 17 shots and Brian & Grace Crump and Syd & Dot Tanner were in 5th, one shot further back.

Game 3
At the halfway point of the Round Robin stage there were now only 5 teams left with perfect records.

Maxine Poulter & Chris Clark were still at the head of the field, now with 33 shots to their name from their 3 wins. Syd & Dot Tanner were now up to second place, 4 shots off the leaders.

Third place was now held by Keith & Prim Hume, just one shot behind the second placed team, while Robin & Heather Brown had slipped slightly to 4th, a couple of shots further back. The last of the leading pack were Colin & Jean Love who had 6 points and 22 shots.

Meanwhile there were 6 teams who were on 5 points, all of whom were ready and waiting to move up should any of the top tier of teams make a slip.

Game 4
Tuesday's final game, and anyone who made it this far without dropping a point could reasonably expect to be going through to the Knockout Stages, even with 2 games still to go.

And indeed there were no slip-ups from any of the leaders. All of them duly won their games and retained the same positions they had held after 3 games.

Where the changes were happening was behind the leading group. The pack of 6 teams who had dropped just 1 point had thinned to only 2 and with only a further 2 teams who were on 6 points it meant that the possibility of qualification was opening up for a whole host of teams who were currently on 5 points.

Game 5
In contrast to Wednesday's results, it was all change on Thursday.

Whereas there had been 7 unbeaten teams overnight their ranks were severely reduced to a mere 3 after Thursday's first round of games, and only 2 of those had won all of their games.

Maxine Poulter & Chris Clark and Syd & Dot Tanner were the two teams with 5 wins out of five, while Keith & Maureen Batson, having only dropped one point were now in third place. All of these teams were now guaranteed their places in the last 16.

Next up were 4 teams on 8 points, Keith & Prim Hume, Robin & Heather Brown, Colin & Jean Love and Peter & Doris Frost, all of whom were on the cusp of qualification. Those teams had probably done enough already, but one further point from their last games would see them safely through.

And behind all those teams were 8 pairs, all on 7 points and all of whom would be scrapping for the last qualifying spots.

Game 6
Maxine Poulter & Chris Clark
and Syd & Dot Tanner finished off with wins to keep their perfect records intact.

Robin & Heather Brown and Peter & Doris Frost were next best, finishing 3rd and 4th respectively, both on 10 points.

A further 5 teams finished with 9 points, another 5 teams managed 8 points and 2 teams sneaked in as the final qualifiers with 7 points from their 6 games.

Knockout Rounds
First Round
Kay & Peter Masters
swept past Peter & Doris Frost, taking 4 shots on the first end they were never behind, finishing 13-3 winners.

Don Poulter & Joan Clark started badly against June Harrison & Eva Penfold, dropping 3 shots on the first end, but that was the only end they lost, pulling back to win 10-3.

Bob Jones & Derek Hudson were another pair to start slowly, but finish well. They were 3-0 down after 3 ends of their game against Marion & Peter Hayde, but the next end saw them take the lead with 4 shots. By the final end they had enough of a lead that they could afford to lose it and still win 8-5.

Colin & Jean Love's opponents were clubmates Robin & Heather Brown. The Browns took the first couple of ends, but the next 4 went to the Loves. Although the final end went the way of the Browns the Loves still took the game 7-5.

The game between Jim & Margaret Southgate and Keith & Prim Hume was nip and tuck at only 4-3 after 5 ends, in favour of the Southgates. But the 6th end was decisive as Jim & Margaret took 4 shots, finally winning 8-4.

The game between the top and bottom qualifiers saw the apparent underdogs come out on top as Sue Gilder & Shirley Watkins came back from being 3-1 down to previously undefeated Maxine Poulter & Chris Clark, to win 6-3.

And the also previously undefeated Syd & Dot Tanner also fell to opposition who had only just crept into the last 16, in the form of Jane Evans & Roberta Adolph. This one was another close one, with only one shot in it going into the last end, in Jane & Roberta's favour. The 4 shots they then took on the last end cemented an 8-4 win.

Closest of all was the game between Keith & Maureen Batson and Tony & Pat Staines. The Staines' were 6-0 ahead after 3 ends, but the Batsons clawed their way back in, needed 3 shots to take the game to a extra end, which the Batsons then won to round off a great comeback.

Quarter Finals
With the top 4 qualifiers from the Round Robin stages having fallen by the wayside the tournament was now wide open.

Having beaten the other half of the Poulter/Clark couple, Sue Gilder & Shirley Watkins now came up against Don Poulter & Joan Clark. This time, however, it was a different story. Don & Joan led from the start and Sue & Shirley never got a look-in as they finally went down 11-0.

Jane Evans & Roberta Adolph, having only just scrapped through into the Knockout Rounds were up against tough opposition again, in the form of Jim & Margaret Southgate. But once again they rose to the occasion, taking the lead from the first and although they were pegged back slightly at 4-2 ahead after 5 ends, they finished 7-2 up to make it into the Semis.

Colin & Jean Love's game against Keith & Maureen Batson hinged on 2 decisive ends, each of which went for 3 shots and each of which went the way of the Loves. They finished 9-6 winners.

The game between Bob Jones & Derek Hudson and Peter & Kay Masters was going the way of Peter & Kay for most of the game, but Bob & Derek worked their way back in to it, drawing level on the last end and taking the match on the extra end.

Bob Jones & Derek Hudson
continued with their good run of form as they came through from dropping a shot on the first end against Don Poulter & Joan Clark, to win all the successive ends. In fact by by the time the 6th end was over their 8-1 lead was enough that the final end did not need to be played.

Colin & Jean Love finally ended Jane Evans & Roberta Adolph's giant-killing run. The Loves won the first end and although their opponents drew level after 2 ends, they had a good, solid 6-2 lead with 3 ends to go and were able to do enough to finish 7-4 winners.

The early advantage went to Bob Jones & Derek Hudson as they took the first 2 ends to go into a 3-0 lead over Colin & Jean Love. However the Loves mirrored their opponents start and 2 ends later it was 3-3.

Bob & Derek took one shot on the 5th end to regain the lead, but 2 shots to the Loves on the penultimate end gave them the lead for the first time. However in a tremendously close game Bob & Derek took a single shot on the last end to level the game and take it to an extra end. And that extra end went to Colin & Jean.

Having lost their 2 round robin games earlier in the day and only just scraping in as the 14th of 16 qualifiers, they had a tremendous afternoon's play to come through to win and take their third win in one of our events.

You can find all the results here.

Once again we would like to thank everyone who joined us for another great week and for helping us to raise £212 for the East Anglia Air Ambulance.

17th June 2011

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