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Although this year's trip was moved back to October the weather could not possibly have been better, given the time of year, plenty of sunshine and not a drop of rain, all making for another excellent week away.

Whilst the mornings were devoted to the Pairs and the afternoons were free for everyone to relax or get out and about on the Island, the evenings taken up with a Fours competition.

Monday and Tuesday nights would see everyone have 2 games, after which the top 4 teams would play-off to decide the winners.

After Monday night's games there were already 4 teams who were out in front of the rest, having won both their games. Any one else wanting to make it further in the competition would need to win both of their remaining games and rely upon someone from the leading group to lose.

Tuesday night saw only 2 of those teams win their next 2 games to finish with a maximum 8 points but despite the other two dropping points they nonetheless managed to hold on to their top 4 slots.

Peter & Diane Orrin and Marilyn & Martin Bennet finished as the top team and would take on the team coming in fourth. The other perfect record was held by Ken Drane, Valerie Game and Bill & Carole Reeve, as runners-up they would take on the third placed team, Margaret Horwood, Janet Burrows and Peter & Kay Masters who had won 3 games and drawn one. The final qualifying spot went to Chris & Joan Clark and Andrea & Bryan Edwards who won 3 and lost 1, getting through with a narrow 4 shot advantage over their nearest challengers.

The Clark/Edwards team made a good start against the Orrin/Bennet team and after 4 ends were leading 5-1. But the 5th end saw a massive turn around, as with the last wood of the end the the Orrin/Bennet team went from just 1 shot up to take all 8 shots. After that they took each of the remaining ends to win 12-5.

With 4 ends down in the other game the Drane/Game/Reeve team and the Horwood/Burrows/Masters team were tied 2-2. The next two ends were shared so that going into the last end the score was 4-4 in an extremely tight game. However the last end went to the Drane/Game/Reeve team.

This one was another closely fought game with the 2 teams alternating winning ends. The Drane/Game/Reeve team held a small advantage courtesy of gaining 2 shots on the second end and were 4-3 up going into the last end. But the Orrin/Bennet team picked up a couple of shots to come from behind to sneak the win 5-4.

The competition was run over the course of 3 days, with each team getting 2 games on Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings, after which the top 12 teams would go through to the knockout stages. Whilst a good proportion of the teams were going to be qualifying, the teams would benefit from a higher finishing position. The top 4 would go straight through to the Quarter Finals, while the teams finishing in positions 5-12 would fight it out to see who would also be making it through to the last 8.

Round 1
With no drawn games we had 13 teams on one win and 2 points.

Top of the pile were Mike Daniels & Vic Playle who scored 12 shots in their winning game. They were followed by Ian & Anne Andrew and Chris & Joan Clark who both had 10 shots. While on 9 shots were Peter & Kay Masters, Marjorie Frost & Paul Daniels and Tom & Marlene Hale.

Round 2
Only half a dozen teams managed to make it 2 wins out of 2.

First amongst those were Marjorie Frost & Paul Daniels who had 23 shots from their 2 games, they were followed closely by Mike Walker & Ken Drane who were just 2 shots back.

The other teams with perfect records were Tom & Marlene Hale, Mick & Beryl Barker, Syd & Dot Tanner and Martin & Marilyn Bennet.

Round 3
A mere 3 teams made it to the halfway point with their perfect records intact.

Marjorie Frost & Paul Daniels continued to lead the way with 6 points and 29 shots, followed by Syd & Dot Tanner who were a half dozen shots behind and Martin & Marilyn Bennet who were just a shot further back.

The only other team who were as yet unbeaten were Ian & Anne Andrew who were on 5 points.

Meanwhile there were fully 10 teams who had won 2 games and lost 1, and who were just 2 points off the lead.

Round 4
Wednesday's play ended with only one team on maximum points and only one more who had not lost a game.

The outright leaders were Marjorie Frost & Paul Daniels, they were a point clear of Ian & Anne Andrew who in turn were a point clear of the rest of the field.

With the top 4 teams guaranteed a spot in the Quarter Finals and the next 8 having to play-off to join them, the fight was on to fill those top spots. Outside of the top 2 was a pack of 8 teams on 6 points. The best of those were Mike Walker & Ken Drane, Aubrey & Sheila Mann and Chris & Joan Clark.

Round 5
Thursday morning was where the last remaining undefeated teams finally fell by the wayside and were gobbled up by the chasing pack.

There were now 5 teams on 8 points, at the top of the table. Mike Walker & Ken Drane led the way with 50 shots, with Marjorie Frost & Paul Daniels 6 shots back in second place. Third were Chris & Joan Clark on 39 shots, Tom & Marlene Hale had 36 and Syd & Dot Tanner had just 2 fewer.

Whilst all of these teams were in with the best shout of making it through to the next phase, remarkably no one had yet done enough to qualify, something quite unique for this stage of one of our competitions.

Round 6
The final set of games, where everything would finally be sorted out.

In the end there were 4 teams who finished with 5 wins out of 6, on 10 points. All of these teams would automatically go through to the Quarter Finals.

They were Mike Walker & Ken Drane, Chris & Joan Clark, Marjorie Frost & Paul Daniels and Tom & Marlene Hale.

The next 8 finishers would go into the First Round to decide who would join the top 4 in the Quarter Finals. That group were headed by Martin & Marilyn Bennet and Syd & Dot Tanner, who finished on 9 points. On 8 points were Peter & Diane Orrin and Betty Johnson & Sheila Hodgson. There were 3 teams who finished on 7 points, Harold & Patricia Ball, Ian & Anne Andrew and Rosemary Coe & Marion Cook. And finally, sneaking into the 12th and final place, with 6 points and 45 shots, just a single shot ahead of the next best team, were Mike Daniels & Vic Playle.

First Round
Betty Johnson & Sheila Hodgson
played Harold & Patricia Ball in an all Bedfordshire tie and were off to a good start with 3 on the first end. Although the Balls had the lead pegged back to just one shot with a couple of ends to go Betty & Sheila took those ends to win 6-3.

Martin & Marilyn Bennet led from the beginning against Mike Daniels & Vic Playle but at only 4-2 after 4 ends it was looking close, however the Bennets ran well ahead in the next couple of ends, running out 13-2 winners.

Ian & Anne Andrew started well, with a couple of shots on the first end, but Peter & Diane Orrin were in the lead on only the next end and never gave up the lead, winning 10-4.

Syd & Dot Tanner were quickly into the lead against Rosemary Coe & Marion Cook, taking the first 3 ends before their opponents got on the board. In the end they finished 12-2 winners.

Quarter Finals
The top 4 qualifiers had been able to sit out until this stage, but apparently the extra rest didn't do any of them any good, as they all fell to teams who had made their way through the first round.

Tom & Marlene Hale fell to Martin & Marilyn Bennet who led from the first end, although a 5-1 lead was cut back dramatically to 5-4 going into the last, it was not enough as the Bennets took the last end to win 6-4.

Mike Walker & Ken Drane won the first end against Betty Johnson & Sheila Hodgson, but from then on they were behind, finally losing 12-4.

Marjorie Frost & Paul Daniels also led, this time all the way up until the last end when Dot & Syd Tanner came charging past to win 7-4.

And Joan & Chris Clark were only ahead for 1 end as Peter & Diane Orrin took the lead on the second end and never gave it up after that, winning 8-4.

Betty Johnson & Sheila Hodgson
's excellent run of results finally came to an end as they came up against Martin & Marilyn Bennet. The 4 on the first end to the Bennet's was the shape of things to come and with Betty and Sheila having failed to trouble the scorer after 6 ends, the game was all over. Nevertheless they played through to a final and quite emphatic 15-0 win to the Bennets.

In contrast the game between Dot & Syd Tanner and Peter & Diane Orrin was nip and tuck from the very first, yielding only 6 shots from the first 6 ends, at which time the advantage was held by the Tanners at 4-2. Not much of a lead, and so it proved as the Orrin's took a dramatic 2 shots on the last end, with the final wood, to take the game into an extra end. And that end, yet again a very tight one, went to the Orrins, to see them through to the final.

The Bennets took the advantage from the first and were 3-0 ahead of the Orrins after 2 ends. However the Orrins were on the board with one shot on the third end, which in turn was negated by 2 shots to the Bennets on the 4th end, taking them out to a 5-1 lead, which looked to be decisive, given how close the game was. And so it proved to be. The lead moved out to 7-1 with 2 ends to go, but then back to 7-3 going into the final end, which at least provided the faintest glimmer of hopes. But the margin proved to be too great as the Orrins were forced to chase shots while the Bennets were able to take a more defensive stance and do no more than draw the jack repeatedly and eventually settle for a 8-3 win.

You can find all the results here.

And finally we would like to thank everyone once again for their sterling effort in helping us to raise another £115 for the East Anglia Air Ambulance.

1st November 2011

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