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We were back again on the Isle of Wight for the week of 3rd to 7th October 2016.

The Fours takes place in the evenings with everyone getting two games per night to decide the winners.

Monday night's games saw three teams win twice. They were Ballinger-Iskett-Darvill, Pullar-Swan and Hume-Staines. Also undefeated were Bennet-Orrin who had won one and drawn one.

Tuesday saw a clear leader emerge as Ballinger-Iskett-Darvill again won twice to put them onto 8 points. Bennet-Orrin repeated their Monday results and were now on 6 points as were Hume-Staines who won once and lost once.

Although the leaders had a nice gap to the rest of the teams with only 2 games to go, they still had work to do as their final games would see them pitted against two very strong teams including their nearest rivals.

Their first game, against MADJAC saw them 3 down after three ends and clawing their way back into the lead only for the opposition to claim a draw on the final end. That reduced their lead to just one point and that final game was against Bennet-Orrin.

It was, as you might imagine a close one. No more than one shot was claimed on each end and with time running out there was only time for 6 ends. The leaders went into what was to be the final end one up and took it to win 4-2.

That meant that Ballinger-Iskett-Darvill finished on 11 points. Runners-up were Bennet-Orrin on 8 points and 46 shots, six shots better than Hume-Staines in third.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thirsday mornings would see each team getting 6 games. After that the top 12 teams would qualify for the Knockout Stages on Thursday afternoon.

Round 1
Leading the way with the first games played were Graham & Gaye Swan and Paul & Sue Cousins, both with 11 shots and Jim & Margaret Stewart and Ken Drane & Mike Daniels who had 10 shots.

Round 2
Of the fourteen teams who had won first time out, nine of them finished Tuesday with a second win.

Leading the way on 23 shots were Paul & Sue Cousins, followed by John & Carol Curd on 19, George & Susan Savage on 18 and Peter & Diane Orrin and Mike Walker & Jane Evans, both on 17.

Nine teams were yet to get off the mark, many of them who you wouldn't have expected to lose once, let alone twice, so there was every chance that Wednesday would see some big changes.

Round 3
At the halfway point we were now down to 6 teams who had won all of their games.

Still at the head of the pack were Paul & Sue Cousins on 31 shots, followed by George & Susan Savage on 28 shots.

Peter & Diane Orrin and Chris Clark & Don Poulter had 26 shots, Jon Thorpe & Paul Daniels were on 25 and finally Maureen Darvill & John Ballinger had 19 shots.

Those teams were 2 points clear of the next best teams and based on previous events one more win would be good enough to see them through to the Knockout Stages on Thursday.

Round 4
Wednesday finished with 4 teams on 8 points and all but qualified.

They were Paul & Sue Cousins, Chris Clark & Don Poulter, George & Susan Savage and Peter & Diane Orrin.

Behind them there were 5 teams on 6 points which meant that the next batch of teams who were on 4 points were all in with a shout of making the top 12 to be playing on Thursday afternoon.

Round 5
First to guarantee their place in the afternoon's knockout rounds were Paul & Sue Cousins who made it five wins out of five. It was the same story for Chris Clark & Don Poulter and Peter & Diane Orrin.

Although they lost their first game of the day George & Susan Savage had already done enough with 4 wins, while Laurence & Sarah Pullar moved on to 8 points with a win and were also through.

That meant that 5 of the last 12 places were now booked and fight was on both for the remaining 7 spots and to secure a place in the top 4 which would guarantee a Quarter Final slot.

Round 6
The remaining places went to Harold & Patricia Ball, Martin & Marilyn Bennet, Brian & Jean Rose, Eva Rolfe & Shirley Mansfield, Greg & Glenyce King, Ken Drane & Mike Daniels and finally John & Carol Hurd. Those final two pairs having made it through as the best of 7 teams who finished on 6 points.

Back up at the top the Cousins', the Orrins and Chris & Don all finished with a perfect 6 wins out of 6, while the next best, taking 4th place and going straight through to the last 8 were Harold & Patricia Ball who had clawed their way up and finished on 9 points.

First Round
This set of games would see the teams who finished in positions 5th to 12th playing off for the right to join the top 4 in the Quarter Finals.

After 3 ends Laurence & Sarah Pullar were 4-3 up against Eva Rolfe & Shirley Mansfield, but Eva & Shirley won each of the remaining ends, much to the delight of the crowd, winning 8-4.

John & Carol Curd were on the back foot from the start against Martin & Marilyn Bennet who were chipping away with a shot an end until the 4th when they picked up 3 to go 6-0 up. After that they controlled the game, winning 9-1.

Despite being 4-3 up after 3 ends over Greg & Glenyce King, after that it was all one way traffic against Brian & Jean Rose. The final 4 ends all went the way of Greg & Glenyce with scores of 2-2-3-2 who finished 12-4 winners.

Ken Drane & Mike Daniels had a 5-0 lead over George & Susan Savage after 3 ends and although George & Susan got off the mark on the next end Ken & Make always had theor noses in front, finally taking the win 7-4.

Quarter Finals
There was never much in it between Harold & Patricia Ball and Martin & Marilyn Bennet and the game was all square at 3 ends, but over the next 3 ends the Bennets drew away and could afford to drop one shot on the last end and still win 6-3.

From the very first end when they picked up 4 shots, Paul & Sue Cousins were always in charge of their game against Eva Rolfe & Shirley Mansfield. After 3 ends they had a 7-1 lead and came home to a comfortable 10-2 win.

It was much the same for Chris Clark & Don Poulter against Ken Drane & Mike Daniels, 4 on the first and 3 on the second had the game pretty much sewn up. There was something of a late comeback, but the final result was 9-4 to Chris & Don.

Up until the 4th end Peter & Diane Orrin vs Greg & Glenyce King was close, with Greg & Glenyce 3-2 ahead. But the next 2 ends saw that score not only turned around but the game out of reach as Peter & Diane took a 4 and a 5., finally winning 12-3.

All square at 3 ends, Peter & Diane took the next three ends to establish a 7-2 lead over Chris & Don, enabling them to drop a couple of shots on the final end and still come home comfortable winners.

Martin & Marilyn, playing Paul & Sue, spent the game winning alternate ends, but with 4 ends played the Bennets were 5-2 up. However the Cousins hit back to square the game on the next end only to lose them all back on the 6th end. On the final end with the opposition holding, Paul sent his last wood in, pushing the jack back, but could only capture 2 shots as the Bennets took the game 8-7.

Martin & Marilyn Bennet
v Peter & Diane Orrin
End 1 – Marilyn's first wood drops in behind the jack and her second in directly in front. Peter drops short and the front fills in, Diane can't get close enough and it's a great start for the Bennets who pick up 4 shots.
End 2 – Martin, trying to hold on to one shot gives two away, but with his next wood grabs two back. 6-0.
End 3 – Holding and trying to get some back cover, Martin pushes the jack back, still holding. Somehow though, with he last wood Diane finds a perfect draw to snatch the end. 6-1.
End 4 – One down and managing to dodge a blocker, Diane just does enough to turn in her own wood to take another one. 6-2.
End 5 - A very tight head which could go either way, the jack won't budge and it's another one to the Orrins 6-3.
End 6 – With just the right touch there's an opportunity for a big score for the Orrins, but they can only get one more. 6-4.
Final End – Martin's penultimate wood stops the rot. He knocks out the opposition wood which is holding, to take shot himself. In the end it's 3 to the Bennets and they take a 9-4 win.

For the Bennets this was their second win on the island, both of which had come against the Orrins for whom this was their third loss in the final.

You can find a full copy of the week's results here.

Photo gallery here.

8th October 2016

Our next event will be Gunton Hall