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Gunton V - December 2016

The format for the Fours would be 2 games for each team on both Friday and Saturday.

Friday night saw 3 teams winning both their games. Easy-Cutts and Isles-Goodrich (both 19 shots) and Squares-Gunnell (18 shots). In addition Clemmet-Newling-Cornell had won one and drawn one and so were 1 point behind the leaders.

The first games on Saturday saw wins for Easy-Cutts and Isles-Goodrich to move them on to 6 points, while Squares-Gunnell lost to put them out of the running. Meanwhile Clemmet-Newling-Cornell also one to move them up one spot.

However the final and deciding games of the evening saw a big turn around. The Easy-Cutts team crashed to a heavy defeat. At the same time Isles-Goodrich had a close fought game which ended in a draw putting them on 7 points and Clemmet-Newling-Cornell took their second win of the night to match them.

All of which meant the final standings came down to shots and with that final drawn game for Isles-Goodrich being so close, it wasn't just the lost point that hurt them but also the low scoring nature of the game because Clemmet-Newling-Cornell had won their final game with 11 shots to their names meaning that they came from one point and 3 shots behind to take the overall win by 4 shots.

Over the course of Saturday and up to lunchtime Sunday all the teams would have 6 games, after which the top 16 would go forward to the knockout rounds on Sunday afternoon.

Round 1
Very early days but 15 teams began the weekend with a win.

Davd Clemmet & Anglea Newling led with 12 shots, followed 2 shots back by Barrie Hyman & Diane Curran and Lin & Tony Cooke. One shot further back were Graham Parrish & Barbara Edney and Mike & Judy Easy.

Round 2
Nine teams were left who had not yet dropped a point. They were headed by Ken Drane & Val Game (23 shots), followed by Paul & Sue Cousins (22), Lin & Tony Cooke (19), Davd Clemmet & Anglea Newling (18) and Barrie Hyman & Diane Curran (16).

Round 3
At the halfway point there were five teams left who had won all their games.

Still at the top were Ken Drane & Val Game, followed by Paul & Sue Cousins, Jim & Sally Goodrich, Barrie Hyman & Diane Curran and Mervyn & Eileen Farthing.

A further three teams were still unbeaten with two wins and a draw, they were Marilyn & Graham Stark, Roy & Jackie Harden and Bill & Carole Reeve.

Round 4 (End of Saturday's play)
If the past was anything to go by then anyone who had made it through the first day with 4 wins out of 4 would have done enough to qualify for Sunday afternoon's Knockout Stages.

And there were now just 2 teams in that position who were Paul & Sue Cousins and Jim & Sally Goodrich. Just one point back from the two leaders and still unbeaten were Roy & Jackie Harden and in a very comfortable position.

Behind the top three there were 9 teams on 6 points, all of whom were looking good for Day 2.

Round 5
The qualifiers very quickly began to emerge with the first of those being Paul & Sue Cousins who were now the only remaining team with a perfect record.

Closest to them were now Roy & Jackie Harden, still with just one dropped point. And after that a raft of teams on 8 points; David & Margaret Long, Lin & Tony Cooke, Ken Drane & Val Game, Dougie Wright & Beryl Rogers, Barrie Hayman & Dianne Curran, Jim & Sally Goodrich (who had just lost their perfect record), Graham Parrish & Barbara Edney and Mervyn & Eileen Farthing.

That meant a total on 10 teams were guaranteed their place in Sunday afternoon's games, with 6 still to be filled in the final set of games.

Round 6
The final qualifiers came in the form of Ray & Eileen Dry, Mike Walker & Jane Evans, Sue Jones & Sarah Pullar, Alan & Josie Long, Bill & Carole Reeves and finally Jim & Jan Squares* who made it through by 4 shots, despite requiring the results of 4 games to go the right way, which they did.

The final standings saw Paul & Sue Cousins come through yet again with maximum points. Having won this event for past 2 years they would be going for the hat- trick.

The next best teams had all won 5 and lost 1, they were Ken & Val, the Cookes, the Goodriches, Dougie & Beryl and the Farthings.

*Jim was convinced they wouldn't get through but Jan made him wait after having disappeared having mistakenly assumed that he hadn't qualified at the Isle of Wight a couple of years ago. Obviously she was right to do so.

Knockout Rounds
Round 1
Paul & Sue Cousins
continued their winning run with an 11-1 win over Jim & Jan Squares that was over with an end to spare.
Ray & Eileen Dry had a good middle part of the game and took an 8-5 win over David & Margaret Long.
Sue Jones & Sarah Pullar won the last 4 ends against Dougie & Beryl Wright to win 9-3.
Jim & Sally Goodrich started off with a 4 against Alan & Josie Long and went on to win 10-4.
Four in the 4th end for Bill & Carole Reeve pretty much sealed the game against Ken Drane & Val Game which they won 8-5.
Roy & Jackie Harden led from the start against Mike Walker & Jane Evans and finished 9-4 winners.
Barrie Hayman & Dianne Curran's win over Mervyn & Eileen Farthing hinged on 2 ends, the 5th where they took 5 and the 7th where they took all 6 to win 12-5.
Graham Parrish & Barbara Edney against Lin & Tony Cooke was the closest of the round. Close all the way it finished 5-4 in favour of Graham & Barbara.

Quarter Finals
Sue Jones & Sarah Pullar
had drawn 5-1 ahead of Jim & Sally Goodrich. However Jim & Sally pulled back to within a shot one the penultimate end, but Sue & Sarah settled it all with 4 on the last to win 9-4
In perhaps the tightest game of the weekend Paul & Sue Cousins and Ray & Eileen Dry scored a total of 7 shots over 7 ends, but the Cousins' just had the edge to win 4-3.
Graham Parrish & Barbara Edney had a 9-2 lead over Barrie Hayman & Dianne Curran after 4 ends, and although Barrie & Diane won the remaining ends they still fell short, losing 9-7.
There was never much between Bill & Carole Reeve and Roy & Jackie Harden, but the Hardens finished with a 3 to win 6-3.

Graham & Barbara
edged out a 4-0 lead over Roy & Jackie, but it was all square 2 ends later. The final two ends yielded just 2 shots but both went to Graham & Barbara who made it into the final with a 6-4 win.
And it was the same score (4-4) after 5 ends between Paul & Sue and Sue & Sarah. But a 3 on end 6 for the Cousins' meant that they could afford to drop 2 on the last and still take a 7-6 win.

Paul & Sue Cousins v Graham Parrish & Barbara Edney.
End 1 – Barbara's opening wood is on the jack and matched with her third, Paul moves the jack a little, but it doesn't help and Graham's final wood makes it 3. 3-0.
End 2 – This time Sue is there first and as a tight head develops it can't be budged. 3-1.
End 3 – A looser head this time, but Barbara's second wood proves to be unbeatable. 4-1.
End 4 – Sue finds the jack but Barbara matches it with her last to hold and there it stays. 5-1.
End 5 – Again Barbara is there, but Sue draws the jack away with her last. Graham is heavy. Paul draws a third and fourth but Graham cuts it down to 2. 5-3.
End 6 – One of Sue's woods is helped in by Barbara to sit behind the jack but the jack is visible all the way through and with his last wood Graham drops in for shot. 6-3.
Final End – Three on the last end for the Cousins is a big ask. Only one down, Barbara brings the jack free, which is what the Cousins' need. Paul takes shot with his first but is a little short with his secone and Graham is there with his last to give him 2. Paul can do nothing to retrieve the situation and Graham & Barbara take the win 8-3.

And so the run of wins for Paul & Sue finally came to an end but even so they had made it to the final 3 years on the trot and in that time have lost just 2 out of 30 games played, quite a record. Against that Graham & Barbara were with us for the first time, but showed no signs of nervousness out there in the middle of the arena s they took a well deserved win against the toughest of opposition.

Many thanks to everyone for another great weekend and for helping us to raise another £262.50 for East Anglia Air Ambulance.

The weekend's full set of results can be found here.

Photographs from the weekend.

5th December 2016

Our next event will be Lakeside, June 2017

Gunton Hall, Lowestoft