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We were back again at the Trouville in Sandown once again for the week of 22nd to 26th October.

The week's bowls started on Monday evening with a couple of games for those that chose to take part in the Fours.

The event would see the teams have two games on Monday and Tuesday nights after which the top 4 teams would play off on Wednesday.

Four teams gave themselves the best chance of qualifying by winning both games on the first evening.

But Tuesday evening saw things change around and only one team were able to come through to win all 4 games, Rex & Josie Thompson, John Mann and Monica Chard. In fact they beat the overnight leaders Peter & Diane Orrin and Martin & Marilyn Bennet, although that didn't stop that team from finishing second on 6 points.

Just 3 shots further back in third place were Derrick & Rosemary Meek and Joy & George Kitchen. The final place was a three way fight with only a single shot to seperate the teams. In the end Mike Walker, Betty Johnson and Harold & Patricia Ball sneaked in simply by virtue of having less shots against them.

In early stages of their Semi-Final the Thompson/Mann/Chard team looked good to continue their run of wins, they led 4-1 after the second end. But the Walker/Ball/Johnson team showed their greater experience to extinguish that lead an end later and win every remaining end in the game to finish 9-4 winners.

Last year's winners the Orrin/Bennet team must have known they had a fight on their hands against the Meek/Kitchen team early on. Four ends in and only that many shots scored, shared equally between the two teams. And then the Meek/Kitchen team started to edge out, 2 shots on the fifth end and 3 on the 6th settled the game as they finished surprise 8-2 winners.

And into the final the Meek/Kitchen team seemed to be carrying forward that momentum. They were 4-0 up after 2 ends, but 2 further ends later it was all square and the game was swinging the other way. But Meek/Kitchen held their nerve, taking a shot on the 5th end and a decisive 2 on the 6th end to carry a 3 shot lead into the last end, an advantage which they were able to defend, finally taking the game 7-5.


Of the 33 teams playing 12 of them began the week with wins, but by the time everyone had completed 2 games and Tuesday's play was complete only 5 of them had been able to repeat the feat.

Martin & Marilyn Bennet led the way with 26 shots from their 2 wins, they were followed by Chris & Joan Clarke and Derrick & Rosemary Meek were on 19 shots. Next up were Mike & Judy Easy, with Brian Archer & Pat Phillips in fifth place.

Following up close behind were another 5 teams who had finished the day with a win and a draw.

The first game of the day was the halfway point of the Round Robin stage.

Only 3 teams kept their perfect records. Martin & Marilyn Bennet led the way with Derrick & Rosemary Meek 4 shots behind them and Chris & Joan Clark a further 4 shots back, in third place. One more win for these teams would in all probability see them all but through to the knockout stages.

Four more teams were still undefeated, having dropped just a point so far. Patricia & Harold Ball, Eileen Clarke & Sylvia Ward, Alistair & Lynn Kermath and Peter & Kay Masters.

The Bennets and the Clarks were the only 2 pairs able to continue their winning runs to the end of Wednesday. They lay a point ahead of the only other undefeated teams, the Balls, the Masters and the Kermaths.

As the day started the 12th and final qualifying spot was shared by 3 teams on 5 points, which meant that the top 2 teams only needed a win to be absolutely certain of progressing to the Knockout Rounds.

And the only team to do that were Chris & Joan Clark, making them the first team to qualify. Harold & Patricia Ball were next up, winning their 5th game to take them up to 9 points.

As we headed into the last few rounds of games the qualifiers started to emerge with several teams hitting 10 points. Derrick & Rosemary Meek, Ken Drane & Val Game, Martin & Marilyn Bennet and Mike & Judy Easy were the next group to book their places for the Thursday afternoon games.

The next round of games saw just one addition to the ranks of the qualified as Colin Spriggs & Barry Richell finished on 9 points.

Seven teams were now through, leaving 5 spots to be decided by the final 4 games.

And those finals spots went to Eileen Clarke & Sylvia Ward, David & Linda Williams, George & Joy Kitchen, Margaret Turner & Paul Daniels and Jane Evans & Roberta Adolph.

In the end no team made it through their 6 games entirely unscathed, the top finishers were Patricia & Harold Ball who dropped just a single point, while everyone else lost at least one game.

Knockout Rounds
Round 1

The teams finishing 5th to 12th played off for the right to joint the top 4 teams in the Quarter Finals.

Colin Spriggs & Barry Richell only lost to George & Joy Kitchen on the last end, level before that, they finally lost 6-4.

It was nip and tuck between Mike & Judy Easy and Margaret Turner & Paul Daniels halfway through their game, but Margaret & Paul edged ahead and despite losing the last end, they also won 6-4.

Four ends into their game Jane Evans & Roberta Adolph were 5-2 up over Ken Drane & Val Game. But Ken & Val staged a huge comeback, sweeping ahead to win 9-5.

David & Linda Williams and Eileen Clarke & Sylvia Ward were well matched with a couple of ends to go, but the Williams surged ahead at the end to win 11-5.

Quarter Finals
Chris & Joan Clark
and Margaret Turner & Paul Daniels were well matched. Margaret & Paul held an early advantage, but Chris & Joan came back, only to fall behind at the last with Margaret & Paul doing enough to cling on to victory 6-5.

David & Linda Williams raced out to a 7-0 lead over Patricia & Harold Ball and it was an advantage which saw them through, just, as the Balls came back to within a shot, before running out of ends.

After a good start for George & Joy Kitchen, Martin & Marilyn Bennet chipped away at their opposition, drawing level, taking the lead and finally the win, 6-2.

Derrick & Rosemary Meek held the lead of their game against Ken Drane & Val Game all the way up until the final end, but Ken & Val took 4 shots over the last 2 ends to draw level and take the game to an extra end. But they failed to maintain their momentum and the Meeks took that end and the win, 8-7.

David & Linda Williams
had a comfortable 5-1 lead over Derrick & Rosemary Meek after 4 ends, but the Meeks finally kicked into a higher gear as they came past the Williams' to win 7-5.

In a tight game where no more than a single shot was scored on any end Martin & Marilyn Bennet held the advantage from the very start against Margaret Turner & Paul Daniels, controlling the game to win 6-1.

On a tricky mat that required the players to bowl as narrowly as possible Derrick & Rosemary Meek led from the start against last year's winners Martin & Marilyn Bennet. Having said that Marilyn's opening woods were never far away and what really made the difference were Derrick's heroics, finding away in on more than one occasion where he looked to be in an all but impossible position. That enabled the Meeks to hold onto their early advantage and come through to take an 8-3 win and complete the double, having taken the Fours the night before.

Once again we have had another excellent week, we were lucky with the weather which was extremely mild for October, the bowling and company were as great as ever.

Many thanks to everyone who joined us and who helped to raise £130 for the East Anglia Air Ambulance.

You can find the full results here.

27th October 2012

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