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We were back at Hemsby once again over the weekend of 29th July to 1st August for the 10th time. It really doesn't seem like all that long ago since the first time we were here.

As we had already reported there were several changes which greeted us for this year's event. Although having already paid a visit in advance we were well aware of how it was going to affect so we were well prepared.

The main change was to the Harlequin Ballroom which had been halved in area, allowing us room for just 3 carpets, on the plus side the lighting was much improved and it provided a great arena for the Semi Finals and Final.

As usual we had three carpets in the Table Tennis Room while the other two had to go on top of carpet in the seating area. Using our fastest carpets meant that there were no issues with the speed of the mats, although there's no denying that it was not ideal as the surface produced a few odd lines, but as is often said, it's the same for both teams.

More importantly this year saw a great turnout with 56 Pairs competing, our biggest entry since 2008.

Friday and Saturday nights were, as usual, set aside for the Fours competition. Each team would get 2 games per night to decide the winners.

Five teams won both of their Friday games:
Clemmet-Newling-Solly-Daniels and Easy-Swan were both on 21 shots, Swan-Masters had 17 shots and Spriggs-Alston-Huxtable-Clarke and Cooke-Meade-McNeil both had 15 shots.

Amazingly none of those teams were able to win their first game on Saturday night. However one of them was able to manage a draw, the Spriggs-Alston-Huxtable-Clarke team, meanwhile there was a win for the Staines-Hume team, who had been on 3 points overnight, taking them up to take the joint lead.

However, having leapt into contention, Staines-Hume lost their final game and were overtaken again by 5 teams who won their last games and moved on to 6 points. But Spriggs-Alston-Huxtable-Clarke held their nerve, took a final win and finished as clear winners by a whole point.

Group 1

Brian Archer & Pat Phillips and Peter & Diane Orrin were off to perfect starts on Saturday morning, both winning their two games. But close behind were Geoff & Margaret Holland and David & Wendy Cooper, who had dropped just one point each.

Pater & Diane continued their winning run into their third game and with their nearest rivals all losing they now had a clear 2 point advantage.

Saturday finished with another win for the Orrins, taking them on to 8 points. Behind them in a clear second place were Brian Archer & Pat Phillips who had won three games and lost one.

Before the Peter & Diane had even played a game on Sunday they had qualified as nearest rivals Brian & Pat lost. When they did play they made it five wins out of five, guaranteeing the group win.

The Orrins finished with a final win for maximum points, fully 6 points clear of second place which finally went to Preston & Jo Gypps who got it on shots from Brian & Pat.

Group 2
Peter & Kay Masters and Sam & Trish Agnew both started well, each winning their first 3 games. Nearest to the leaders were Chris Huxtable & Mike Daniels who had won two and lost one.

The Masters won their fourth game of the day to move on to 8 points and take a clear lead in the group. They had a two point lead over both Sam & Trish Agnew and Chris Huxtable & Mike Daniels.

A miracle win for Peter & Kay in their penultimate game (6 on the last end to win 8-7) gave them the group win and they closed out their games with another win to finish on maximum points.

Having started well before their form took a dip, Sam & Trish Agnew came through to take the runner-up spot on 8 points.

Group 3
It was Tony & Lin Cooke and David Clemmet & Angela Newling who made the best starts, winning thier first 3 games and drawing clear of the rest of the group.

Tony & Lin and David & Angela both finished Saturday with another win to go into the second day four points clear of the next best team. Those two would play one another on Sunday in a match that could decide the group winners.

Actually that wasn't what happened as the two teams held one another to a draw. The other group results meant that they were both guaranteed to qualify.

In the final set of games Tony & Lin took another win to take the group on 11 points while David & Angela drew to finish on 10 points.

Group 4
Jean Love & Sue Ross and Owen Allcock & Daphne Leggett were out in front after just 2 games have won both.

However the top two were unable to remain unbeaten as they reached the halfway point. Jean & Sue could only draw, but with Owen & Daphne losing, that draw was enough to give them a clear lead at the top of the group. However two other teams, Marie Bluett & Sheila Cocksedge and Paul & Jacqui Harris were now also on 4 points.

The final set of games on Saturday saw big changes as the Harris' took their third win, lifting them to the top of the standings. One point back, despite getting only one point from their previous two games, were Jean & Sue and behind them, one more back on 4 points were Marie & Sheila, Owen & Daphne and Syd & Dot Tanner.

Paul & Jacqui opened Sunday with a win and as the other results went their way they were guaranteed qualification and a draw in their final game, with everyone else close together, was enough for them to win the group on 9 points.

Meanwhile Syd & Dot Tanner came through for second place, one point behind the winners.

Group 5
Ann & Alan Blundell already had a clear lead after just two games, having won both. However Keith & Prim Hume and Gordon Bloomfield & Sylvia Vaughan were just a point behind.

Ann & Alan lost their third game and the lead of the group now went to Keith & Prim. They were on 5 points, with the Blundells, David & Dee Folkes and Roger & Diane Marshall one point behind.

Keith & Prim finished the day unbeaten on 7 points, a point ahead of the Folkes and 2 ahead of Gordon & Sylvia.

Another win for Keith & Prim gave them the group win first thing on Sunday, with a game still to play. And they closed out with another win to finish on 11 points. And it was David & Dee Folkes who made it to the top of the chasing pack to take second on 8 points.

Group 6
Mike & Judy Easy and Colin Spriggs & Peggy Alston held the joint lead after two games, nicely ahead of everyone else in the group, who had all lost at least once.

In the third round of games the two leaders played one another and a win for Colin & Peggy took them clear at the top. Two points behind in a tie for second were the Easys, Stephen & Maisie Woodley and Graham & Gaye Swan.

Colin & Peggy finished the day on maximum points, with Stephen & Maisie in a clear second place on 6 points.

Sunday morning saw the fifth win on the trot for Colin & Peggy to guarantee a place in the knockout rounds. And two wins for Stephen and Maisie did the same for them.

Group 7
Don & Maxine Poulter and Brian & Grace Crump were out in front early on, winning their first 2 games. Don & Maxine were able to continue that winning run, but the Crumps lost to Mike Walker & Paul Daniels who now shared second spot along with the Crumps and Alan Smith & Colin Barnes.

As Saturday ended Mike & Paul took the narrowest of wins over Don & Maxine which meant that 4 teams were all tied for the lead on 6 points. They were Mike & Paul (38 shots) Don & Max (37), Alan & Colin (31) and Brian & Grace (26).

While Mike & Paul and Alan & Colin lost at the start of Sunday, Don & Maxine and Brian & Grace both won to put them in pole position for qualification.

However the top two faced each other in their final game. And with that game going the way of the Poulters, it left Mike & Paul to grab second place with a win in their final game.

Group 8
Dee Whittaker & Chris Tilbrook opened up with a pair of wins to take an early lead in the group, a point ahead of Richard & Linda Cornell.

However both teams stuttered in their third games. Dee & Chris lost, but the Cornells won to give themselves a 1 point lead in the group.

Richard & Linda finished Saturday undefeated, on 7 points, one point ahead of Dee & Chris and two ahead of John Austin & Madge Smith and reigning champions Martin & Marilyn Bennet.

By the time the first Sunday games were played we had a 3 way tie for the lead with the Bennets, John & Madge and the Cornells all on 7 points.

The Bennets and Cornells faced each other in their final game and with the Bennets winning that took them through and knocked the Cornells out. John & Madge then took their game to finish second in the group, by a single shot.

First Round
Preston & Jo Gypps
edged away from reigning champions Martin & Marilyn Bennet, taking the win 6-2.
Sam & Trish Agnew led early on but lost the last 5 ends to Peter & Diane Orrin who finished 8-3 winners.
Peter & Kay Masters were 7-0 up after 3 ends but allowed David Clemmet & Angela Newling to chip away at the lead, however the y held on to win 7-5.
Lin & Tony Cook set the seal on their game against Syd & Dot Tanner with 5 shots on the first end and went on to win 10-2.
David & Dee Folkes were just ahead of Paul & Jacqui Harris with 5 ends played, but that lead was reversed on the next end and the Harris' took the last end to win 6-4.
Keith & Prim Hume had immediate control of their game against Stephen & Maisie Woodley and were 8 up after 4 ends. They went on to win 12-3.
Mike Walker & Paul Daniels took a crucial 4 shots on the 2nd end against Colin Spriggs & Peggy Alston and kept a comfortable gap all the way through to win 9-3.
Having been behind John Austin & Madge Smith took 3 to draw level with Don & Maxine Poulter on the 5th end. But the next end was a disaster as they dropped 5 and the Poulters went on to win 11-4.

Quarter Finals
Peter & Diane Orrin
versus Tony & Lin Cooke was as close as you'd like. Never much between them, it needed an extra end to settle it and it went to the Orrins who won 5-4.
It was another close one between Keith & Prim Hume and Don & Maxine Poulter and again needed an extra end which the Poulters took to win 7-6.
Preston & Jo Gypps and Peter & Kay Masters were 3-3 with an end to go and with the final wood, on a measure the game went to the Gypps 4-3.
Paul & Jacqui Harris had 4 on the board before Mike Walker & Paul Daniels got a start and were never threatened as they went on to win 9-4.

It was 3 all with 2 ends to go between Paul & Jacqui Harris and Don & Maxine Poulter, but the penultimate end saw the Poulters take 3 after which they controlled the final end for a 7-3 win.
Peter & Diane Orrin had won 5 of the first 6 ends played against Preston & Jo Gypps but were only 6-4 ahead. And the final end was taken by the Gypps, 2 shots to take the game into an extra end, but that just went to the Orrins to give them a nervy 7-6 win.

Don & Maxine Poulter
v Peter & Diane Orrin
End 1 – With the Orrins holding, Don draws in for shot with his second and it stays there to win the end. 1-0.
End 2 – As the skips come to bowl there's nothing within 6 inches. Don takes shot but Diane moves the jack back to hold only for Don to snatch it back. 2-0.
End 3 – Peter draws shot and close though he gets Don can't quite get close enough. Diane doesn't risk her final wood. 2-1.
End 4 – The battle of the leads is a close one but it's Don again who draws the crucial shot to take 2. 4-1.
End 5 – Peter just has the edge on Maxine. Don gets in and one of each is touching. A bold shot from Don taps the opposition wood away to hold 2. Diane's final wood is positive and nearly does it, cutting the opposition down to 1. 5-1.
End 6 – The Orrins need something now. Again Peter out draws Max but Don is unstoppable, dead drawing beyond the long spot and putting another in front for 2. Peter & Diane need a miracle. 7-1.
Final End – Maxine's first wood to a long jack is 6 inches behind and surely enough to win the match even though Peter takes shot with his first. All the Poulters need to do is be close but trying to force the issue Diane looses her first wood off the mat. 2 more to the Poulters and they win 9-1.

The final score doesn't really reflect how close the game way, but does show just how well Don in particular bowled, giving him two wins in our last two events for him as he had also won at Hayling Island, on that occasion with Joan Clark.

Once again we would like to thank everyone for another great weekend and for all those who helped contribute towards another great total from draw which totalled £300 for East Anglia Air Ambulance for whom we have now raised more than £4000.

You will find the full set of results here.

2017 Plans
As those of you who were there with us will know we have had to take the decision to take a year off from Hemsby in 2017.

Although Seacroft has been a constant in our calendar until now there is more than one factor which means that we think it's right to take a break.

On our arrival we learned that Richardsons are planning to demolish the Trafalgar ballroom to make way for more accomodation over the course of the next year.

Whilst this does not directly involve the bowling since we don't use that ballroom, it does effect those with whom we share the complex.

In order to guarantee the space which we need for our carpets we always share the weekend with a group of ballroom dancers. It's a system which works well because each set of guests stick to their own part of the complex.

However without that ballroom the dancers will be using the Harlequin next year which will mean that the area which is central to our event won't be available to us.

Over the weekend we explored all the possibilities available to us for accomodating our mats but we felt that there would be too much compromise without knowing how the changes would effect the dancers and their event.

In addition we would have to have moved to a weekend 2 weeks earlier than this year which would bring us into very close proximity with the Lakeside holiday which is already booked.

We are sorry to have had to take this decision but feel that it's for the best in the short term, but we will certainly be reviewing the situation for 2018.
2nd August 2016

Our next event will be Isle of Wight, October 2016