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One year on from the first T & D holiday, the second running of the Hemsby Pairs took place on the weekend of 18th to 21st April 2008.

In a change from our previous events this was run along the lines of a more traditional tournament, with the pairs competing in groups of 7 teams, giving everyone 6 games, 4 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. The group winners and top 7 runners-up would then go through to compete in the knockout stages.

There were 63 pairs originally taking part, although a couple of pairs were unable to join us due to illness. In order to make up the numbers, the 5 of us were also bowling, filling in with those who were there without playing partners, and just to make everything above board, we made them draw our names from a hat, when we all met up on Friday night, to find out who they would be lucky (or unlucky) enough to be playing with.


Group 1
After 2 games there were 2 teams on maximum points, David & Jennie Hambling and Mike & Judy Easy, but after the third the latter pair were 2 points clear. And with a further round of games played the Mike & Judy were still undefeated and were now 2 points clear of Peter & Joyce Holbrow who had risen to 2nd place.
However, everything changed on Sunday as the Easys lost both their games and their lead, with the Holbrows winning to take the group with 10 points. David & Jennie Hambling also had 2 wins to finish on 8 points, but their 47 shots was 1 short of what would be needed to make one of the qualifying spots.

Group 2
In what was possibly the toughest group, the early leaders after 2 games were Ann & Alan Blundell and Owen Allcock & Daphne Leggett, both on 4 points. The third set of games saw Owen & Daphne go a point clear, despite a draw, but a loss in their next game saw them fall back to 3rd, overtaken by Ann & Alan Blundell and Lin & Tony Cooke, both on 6 points.
Sunday's games saw yet more chopping and changing as Owen & Daphne were the first to finish, taking 2 wins to bring them up to 9 points, but although Lin & Tony also won both games to win the group with 10 points, Owen & Daphne had done enough to also see themselves through to the knockout stages.

Group 3
George Kitchen & Rita Daniels and Betty & Lewis Claxton jointly led the group after the first 2 games, as the only pairs not to have lost a game. And both teams went on to win both of their next games in what was the only group with 2 unbeaten teams at the end of Saturday's games, heading for what looked like a group-deciding showdown on Sunday.
As it turned out each team would have 1 win and 1 loss on Sunday, with both ending on 10 points, although George & Rita just edged out Betty & Lewis on shots, although both would qualify.

Group 4
Two games in and 2 teams had won both their games, Marjorie Bilton & Paul Daniels and Roy & Viola Thorpe. After 3 games Roy & Viola were 2 points clear as the others fell by the wayside, but even a loss in their final of the day could not dislodge them from the top of the group, although there was a group of 5 teams lying just 2 points behind them.
Things carried on in much the same way on Sunday with 4 teams in with a chance of winning the group. In the end Chris & Joan Clark came from behind to pip the Thorpes by virtue of having less shots against, but both teams had done enough to get through to the next stage.

Group 5
Mervyn & Eileen Farthing and Audrey Smith & Chris Tilbrook jointly held the lead after 2 games, each with 4 points. The next games saw Smith & Tilbrook take the lead and stay ahead despite losing their 100% record in Saturday's last game, with John & Sylvia Disley moving up to second, 1 point behind the leaders. Audrey & Chris regained their winning ways on Sunday and took the group with 9 points. Behind them there was a dead heat for second, between John & Sylvia Disley and Val Game & Marjorie Brennan, unfortunately neither had enough shots to qualify.

Group 6
With 2 games played 3 teams were tied for the top spot, each with 4 points, Mick & Shirley Watkins, Ken Drane & John Whiting and Beryl Rogers & Dougie Wright. But as the others slipped up, Ken & John came through to take the top spot for themselves after 4 games, lying on 7 points, with Beryl & Dougie on 6 points, in what appeared to be turning into a 2 horse race. But as Ken & John continued on in their winning ways, the others fell away and they had done enough to win the group without even needing to play their final game. They ended up undefeated on 11 points, 3 clear of Josie & Alan Long who had come through to 2nd place and do enough to qualify for the knockout rounds.

Group 7
Clear leaders after only 2 games were Andy & Sue Gilder, on maximum points, with everyone else in the group having dropped at least a point. And despite a shock defeat for the Gilders in their 3rd game, they came back to win their last game of the day to retake the lead on shots, just ahead of Peter & Mary Colvill. As it was Andy & Sue would finish 2 points clear at the top of the group on 10 points with Eileen Basketter & Janet Cockings emerging from the pack to take the runner-up spot and secure a place in the next round of games.

Group 8
Les & Kay Buckton were already 2 points clear after 2 games, although there was a pack of 5 teams just 2 points behind. By the end of the day they remained undefeated, one of just 5 teams with a perfect record at that stage, although they were still only that same margin clear of Keith Cockings & Arnold Basketter, looking as if the group was between those 2 pairs. The Bucktons continued on with another 2 victories on Sunday to finish with a perfect record in their group games and the to qualifiers, fully 4 points clear of Keith & Arnold who just snuck in under the wire as the final qualifiers.

Group 9
Harold & Patricia Ball and Margaret & Geoff Holland were joint leaders with 2 games played, each on 4 points. However a loss for the Balls left the Hollands clear, finishing the day on maximum points with Harold & Patricia 2 behind. The Hollands were again unbeaten on the second day and went into the next round as one of only 2 teams with a 100% record. Meanwhile Harold & Patricia finished with 10 points to also see their way through.


First Round

The draw for the knockout rounds were structured in such a way that the qualifying teams were seeded, based on how well they did in the round robin stages. This meant that the top qualifiers against the bottom qualifiers, this ought to give an advantage to those who had performed best in their group games, but as we all know, things don't always quite work out like that.

As a prime example, the first game matched up Les & Kay Buckton with Keith Cockings & Arnold Basketter as first and last qualifiers, 2 pairs who, coincidentally, had already met in the group stage. On paper the Bucktons, previously undefeated and having already beaten their opponents once, should have won. In practice quite the opposite happened and Keith & Arnold took a close fought game 6-3. The same happened with the matching of Ken Drane & John Whiting with Josie & Alan Long with a 6-4 win to the Longs, defeating the team which had previously beaten them.

Other matches went more to form with Margaret & Geoff Holland beating Eileen Basketter & Janet Cockings 9-2, Andy & Sue Gilder taking a resounding 16-1 victory over Roy & Viola Thorpe and Peter & Joyce Holbrow overcoming Chris & Joan Clark by a comfortable 11-3 margin.

In the other games there were wins for Harold & Patricia Ball over Betty & Lewis Claxton, George Kitchen & Rita Daniels over Owen Allcock & Daphne Leggett and Audrey Smith & Chris Tilbrook over Lin & Tony Cooke.

Quarter Finals
There were further surprises to be had in the last 8 as Andy & Sue Gilder were knocked out by Peter & Joyce Holbrow 8-4, while previously unbeaten Margaret & Geoff Holland suffered an 11-2 defeat at the hands of George Kitchen & Rita Daniels. Meanwhile Keith Cockings & Arnold Basketter held off Harold & Patricia Ball to take a 7-4 victory while in the closest of the games Josie & Alan Long took a single shot on the last end to defeat Audrey Smith & Chris Tilbrook 6-5.

Semi Finals
Peter & Joyce Holbrow seemed to be getting stronger as the tournament went on and this time, pitted against Keith Cockings & Arnold Basketter they leapt out to an 8-0 lead after just 2 ends, a gap which their opponents were unable to close as the Holbrows went on to win 10-2. The second Semi saw George Kitchen & Rita Daniels come from behind with 4 shots on the 5th end to take the lead for the first time in the match, eventually hanging on to win 7-5 in a game that could have gone the other way if it were not for one wood clinging miraculously to the mat on the final shot of the last end.

By the time of the final Peter & Joyce Holbrow were firing on all cylinders and the last match of the weekend turned out to be a very one-sided affair. In fact the game was all but settled on the second end as the Holbrows took all 6 shots against George Kitchen & Rita Daniels, finally running out 12-1 winners having indisputably been the best team on the day.

The full results of the week's bowling can be found here.

And Finally
We would once again like to thank everyone joined us, helped us to raise another £255 for Macmillan Cancer Support and who, judging from all the kind words, had a most enjoyable weekend.

21st April 2008

Seacroft Holiday Village, Hemsby

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Our next event will be Lakeside Pairs II, August 2008