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We are very pleased to report the success of our 2008 visit to Hayling Island.

This year's event was even more popular than last year's, with a total of 72 Pairs competing in the main event.

This year's format was changed slightly to allow our guests more time to get out and about during the week. This also meant that the our Fours competition was moved to Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.


Although this is only offered to everyone as an optional extra, we nonetheless had 28 teams, which was 112 people playing out of about 140 guests. It is a bit of a change from the main event of the Pairs and something which seems to be very popular.

With only a limited amount of time available to play the competition, the round robin stage was restricted to just 2 games for each team. However, the results were spread around so well that the 7 teams who won both of their games qualified for the knockout stages, along with one who had a win and a draw.

Quarter Finals
The team of Lyn & Bill Damant and Donald & Linda Buttery went into an early lead against Grace & Brain Crump and Marion & Peter Hayde by taking 5 on the first end and although the Crumps & Haydes fought back to 4-5, the Damants & Butterys ran out 11-5 winners.

Don & Maxine Poulter and Chris & Joan Clark were never in any danger of losing to Annette Iskett, Maureen Darvill and Ernie & Iris Burrows as they took a comfortable 11-1 victory.

Harold & Patricia Ball, Mike Walker and June Smith resisted a late comeback by Peter & Liz Symonds, Jean Norwood and Margaret Forrest to win 9-7.

The final match of the round went right down to the wire. Last year's winners Eva Rolfe, Margaret Moore and Jean & Colin Love were 4-1 after 4 ends of their game against Roy & Christine Petts and Michael & Judy Easy, but the Petts & Easys came back strongly to lead 7-4 with just one end to play, remarkably though the Rolfe/Moore/Love team took 4 shots on that last end to go through 8-7.

Semi Finals
For their next game Eva Rolfe, Margaret Moore and Jean & Colin Love had a much easier time of it, leading from the start to take a convincing 13-4 win over Harold & Patricia Ball, Mike Walker and June Smith.

In the other Semi the team of Lyn & Bill Damant and Donald & Linda Buttery led from the start and were 4-2 up with 5 ends played, but Don & Maxine Poulter and Chris & Joan Clark came back to win 8-4 as they took 3 shots on each of the last 2 ends

This was a mtch which looked as if it was all over before it had barely begun, although that certainly was not the case.

The first end was one of high drama as the skips went to bowl with Don & Maxine Poulter and Chris & Joan Clark holding 5 shots in a very difficult position for their opponents, but remarkably it was all turned around with just 4 woods as the jack was first moved out into the open by their own skip and then driven back by Colin Love to where his team had left their woods, to take 5 shots for Eva Rolfe, Margaret Moore and Jean & Colin Love.

From then on it looked as if it was a done deal as the lead was extended to 8-0 after 3 ends. But then the Poulter/Clark team began to fight back, taking each of the last 4 ends, but their opposition were canny enough to restrict them to just 6 shots as Eva, Margaret Jean & Colin held their nerve (just), to finish 8-6 ahead and win for the second year on the trot.


The main event of the week is of course the Pairs.

The round robin games were played on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings and while Thursday afternoon would be taken up with the Knockout Stages of the Pairs tournament, while Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons were left free for people to either relax or take a trip out to see the local sights.

Each pair would play 2 games on each of the mornings, making a total of 6 round robin games for each team, after which the top 16 teams would go through to the Knockout Stages.

DAY 1 - Tuesday
After the first round of games 32 of the 72 pairs had 2 points on the board. The early leaders being Chris Clark & Maxine Poulter with 15 shots, followed by Roy & Christine Petts and John & Shirley O'Sullivan tied for 2nd with 13 shots, and Donald & Shirley Buttery and Jean & Bill Simpson rounding out the top 5, both on 12 shots.

Tuesday's second and final round of games saw those teams with perfect records cut down to a mere 14, which meant that even a this early stage, anyone who could manage to win all of their 6 games without dropping a point, would be certain to qualify.

Chris Clark & Maxine Poulter were still leading the way at the end of Tuesday's play, having accumulated 24 shots. Leaping up from 24th to 2nd place were Marjorie Bilton & Connie Kirby on 21 shots while John & Shirley O'Sullivan were now third on 20 shots. Meanwhile John & Marion Allison and Peter & Margaret Jarvis were now 4th & 5th respectively, each with 18 shots.

DAY 2 - Wednesday
Such was the even spread of results that by the time the third round of games had been played a further 6 teams had lost their 100% records, leaving only 8 who had not dropped a point.

It was still Chris Clark & Maxine Poulter that held the overall lead, now with 35 shots, whilst Peter & Margaret Jarvis had moved further up to 2nd place on 29 shots. Up into the top 5 for the first time were Ken Drane & Valerie Game with 28 shots, followed by John & Shirley O'Sullivan. Then, tied for 5th, with 27 shots, were Joe & Irene Woodward and Harold & Patricia Ball.

By the end of Wednesday, with everyone having played 4 times, the teams with a perfect record of 8 shots were down to a mere 5.

Joe & Irene Woodward were the new leaders with 45 shots, followed by Peter & Margaret Jarvis on 39 shots, Harold & Patricia Ball on 36 shots, Ken Drane & Valerie Game on 35 shots and finally John & Marion Allison laying in 5th place on 30 shots.

Behind these leading teams were a further 4 pairs who had dropped just 1 point in their 4 games, all of whom would be guaranteed a spot in the last 16 so long as they won their remaining 2 games. After the top 9 were a gaggle of 14 teams, all of whom were on 6 points and best placed to be fighting for qualification on Thursday.

DAY 3 - Thursday
One more perfect record fell by the wayside on Thursday morning, leaving 4 teams on the maximum 10 points, which would be enough for those teams to guarantee qualification even though everyone still had 1 game to play.

Leading the way were Joe & Irene Woodward, followed by Peter & Margaret Jarvis while Harold & Patricia Ball were in third and fourth place was held by John & Marion Allison.

A further 4 teams were on 9 points, lead by Shirley & Andrew Eaton, all of whom were going to need just a draw from their final games to guarantee their places in the next round, while a further 6 teams, all on 8 points would secure their qualification with a win.

The final round of games before the knockout stages saw one more perfect record go, leaving just Joe & Irene Woodward, Harold & Patricia Ball and John & Marion Allison with a maximum 12 points from their 6 games.

Behind them there were 4 teams who had dropped just 1 point, Shirley & Andrew Eaton, Peter & Margaret Jarvis, Mike Walker & June Howard and Margaret Horwood & Paul Daniels.

A further 4 teams made it into the top 16 on 9 points, with the remaining 5 qualifiers made it through on just 8 points.

The way that the points were so evenly spread about in the end, meant that out of the final qualifiers 5 of them had been outside the top 16 at the end of Wednesday's play. The best examples of the old addage 'it ain't over 'til it's over' were Jean & Bill Simpson who started Thursday in 30th spot and finished 14th and Bob and Rosie Jones who were 32nd with 2 games to go, but managed to finish 12th. However the award for the biggest comeback had to go to Annette & Stan Iskett who could only manage 1 point from Tuesday's games, leaving them in a lowly 54th place, but they then proceeded to win their remaining 4 games, moving up to 28th on Wednesday and 9th at the end of the round robin stage.


First Round
The format for the knockout stages is such that the top teams carry forward an advantage gained from their performance in the Round Robin Stages.

The team which finished top plays the team which finished 16th, the team that finished 2nd plays the one that finished 15th, etc.

However although that should give an advantage, it is not always the case.

Although Joe & Irene Woodward finished first and Geoff & Margaret Holland only got through by virtue of their shots, the Hollands were 8-0 up before the Woodwards even got on the board. It was too much of a deficit to recover from and the Hollands eventually went through 9-4.

Annette & Stan Iskett were tied 7-7 with Ken Drane & Valerie Game, going into the last end of their game which had swung back and forth between the two teams, but in the end Ken & Val took the game 8-7.

Bob and Rosie Jones took a 5-3 win over Peter & Margaret Jarvis on the final end of a tight game. And it was another final end decider which saw the crowd favourites Shirley & Andrew Eaton take a 7-5 victory over Chris Clark & Maxine Poulter.

Harold & Patricia Ball held off a late comeback from Reg & Barbara Neate to go though 9-7. And Peter & Kay Masters needed an extra end to beat Margaret Horwood & Paul Daniels 6-5.

Peter & Joyce Holbrow, the winners of this year's Hemsby Pairs, held on for a 6-4 win over Mike Walker & June Howard. And in the most clearcut result of the round John & Marion Allison stormed to a convincing 18-5 win against Jean & Bill Simpson.

Quarter Finals
The closely fought games continued on into the next round with none of the matches truly settled until the final ends.

Bob and Rosie Jones fell just one shot short as Shirley & Andrew Eaton held on to win 7-6. Geoff & Margaret Holland went into the last end of their tie against Ken Drane & Valerie Game 6-5 up but lost 3 on the final end to go down 8-6.

John & Marion Allison secured an 8-5 win against
Peter & Joyce Holbrow. And another tight game saw Peter & Kay Masters beat Harold & Patricia Ball 5-3.

Semi Finals
The match between Ken Drane & Valerie Game and Shirley & Andrew Eaton stood at 4-4 with 2 ends to go but Ken & Val edged ahead with 2 shots on the penultimate end and took another 2 on the last to win 8-4.

And in much the same way the game between Peter & Kay Masters and John & Marion Allison was close at the midway point, again it was 4-4 but with 3 ends to go, however the next 2 ends were decisive as the Masters moved to 9-4 ahead with 1 end to ago, finallt winning 9-5.

The final game of the week was a suitably close affair, although it didn't look that way to start off with.

Peter & Kay Masters took 3 on the first end and another one on the second to hold a 4-0 lead with 2 ends down against Ken Drane & Valerie Game. The next 2 ends were shared, leaving Peter & Kay 5-1 up with 3 ends to play. But Ken & Val took one on the next end and then 3 on the 6th to draw level at 5-5 with just the final end to play. And the game went all the way down to the wire with the decisive shot being the very final one as Peter and Kay took the match 6-5. A superb final and a great way to end the week.

The full results of the week's bowling can be found here.


We would just like to thank all those who joined us for making it all such an enjoyable week for everyone involved, for helping us to raise over
£300 in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support and once again for all your very kind words.

1st August 2008

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