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Having established our regular events in the Spring and Summer as well as Christmas, we decided that it would be a good idead to fill in the gap between August and December, ahead of next year's visit to the Isle of Wight.

The venue for this inaugural Autumn Break was Gunton Hall, near Lowestoft, and took place on the weekend of 10th to 12th October 2008.

With this being a new venue, we did not know exactly what kind of response we would get, but we had hoped to around 30 pairs, as it was the final numbers far exceeded our expectations. We finally ended up with an entry of 48 pairs in what was a sell-out event, with every possible place sold.

And as if that wasn't good enough, we were treated to weather which, at least on Saturday, was about as perfect as you could expect for October, warm and sunny. And if Sunday was a little foggy, it was at least far from cold and there was never a hint of rain.

And so to the bowls...


The first round of games gave us 23 winners, 6 of whom were into double figures with their shots. Val & Tony Candler lead the way with 12 shots, a score which was matched by Jean Norwood & Paul Daniels and Harold & Patricia Ball. Next were Eva Rolfe & Margaret Moore on 11 shots, while Dot & Colin Bird and Laurie Rooke & Marjorie Bilton, both on 10 shots rounded out the top 6.

Game 2 for everyone reduced those on maximum points to 13. Harold & Patricia Ball were now leading the way, having accumulated 28 shots in their 2 wins. Jean Norwood & Paul Daniels remained in 2nd place, now ith 26 shots, while Val & Tony Candler had slipped to 3rd with their 23 shots. George Kitchen & Rita Daniels were in 4th, with 19 shots while David & Jennie Hambling and Colin & Jean Love were tied for 5th, each with 18 shots.

Four more teams lost their perfect records on their 3rd games, leaving only 9. George Kitchen & Rita Daniels were now heading the pack, with 6 points and 36 shots. Close behind wereJean Norwood & Paul Daniels on 34 shots, Colin & Jean Love on 33 shots and Colin & Jean Love with 30 shots. Rounding out the top 5 were David & Jennie Hambling who had accumulated 26 shots along with their 6 points.

The fourth and final round of games on Saturday absolutely decimated the teams with 100% records. By the end of the first day there were a mere 4 teams remaining who had failed to drop a point. In the lead were Colin & Jean Love, with 8 points and 47 shots. Secong place was held by David & Jennie Hambling on 33 shots, a single shot ahead of Peter & Margaret Jarvis who in turn were a single shot ahead of Mike & Judy Easy. Fifth place was now in the hands of Joyce & Peter Holbrow who had dropped just a single point. Behind the undefeated teams there was a pack of 8 teams and behind them teams who, although they had already dropped 3 points, were now coming into contention for the last 16 who would qualify for the knockout stages.

Sunday began with only 2 teams retaining their perfect records. Colin & Jean Love led the way with 10 points, still just ahead of David & Jennie Hambling. Joyce & Peter Holbrow, on 9 points, were now in 3rd place, followed by 7 teams on 8 points, who were led by George Kitchen & Rita Daniels and Val & Tony Candler. At this stage, with just 1 round of games still to be played, it was looking as if, with the results spread around as they were, that anyone finishing on 8 points was going to qualify for the last 16.

The final set of games saw very little change to the standings. Colin & Jean Love finished on top, followed by David & Jennie Hambling, both teams on a maximum 12 points. Joyce & Peter Holbrow remained 3rd, having dropped just 1 point in their 6 games, while 3 teams finished on 10 points, George Kitchen & Rita Daniels, Val & Tony Candler and Mike & Judy Easy. The remaining qualifiers were on either 9 or 8 points, so anyone who managed 4 wins over the weekend made it through to the knockout stages.


As usual the weekend was rounded off on Sunday afternoon with a Knockout Stage for the top 16 teams.

The draw is arranged so that the top qualifiers play the bottom qualifiers, 1st plays 16th, 2nd plays 15th, etc.

First Round

Colin & Jean Love were ahead by the 3rd end of their game against John & Pam Whyman and cruised to a 9-4 victory. Aubrey & Sheila Mann kept close to David & Jennie Hambling early on, but the Hamblings eventually surged to a 10-3 win. Joyce & Peter Holbrow had Brenda Reed & Sybil Baldwin beaten before the match had hardly got underway, taking 6 shots on the first end and eventually winning 20-1, the biggest victory of the weekend. George Kitchen & Rita Daniels had a comfortable 9-2 win in their inter-T & D match against Rosemary Coe & Chris Tilbrook.

The closest match of the round was between Val & Tony Candler and Peter & Margaret Jarvis that needed to go to an extra end in order to seperate the two teams, with the Candlers eventually winning 5-4. Mike & Judy Easy edged their was to a 6-2 victory over Owen Allcock & Daphne Leggett. Jean Norwood & Paul Daniels needed 2 shots on their final end to overcome Harold & Patricia Ball 7-6. And finally Roberta Adolph & Mike Daniels ran out 8-2 winners over Ron Dean & Margaret Horwood.

Quarter Finals

Colin & Jean Love had an 8-2 lead after just 3 ends of their game against Roberta Adolph & Mike Daniels, finally taking the match 12-6. David & Jennie Hambling just held onto a 4 shot lead going into the last end of their game against Jean Norwood & Paul Daniels, to finish 7-6 winners. Mike & Judy Easy took a comfortable 11-1 win over Joyce & Peter Holbrow who had won their previous game so convincingly. And Val & Tony Candler once again needed an extra end to progress as they came back from 5-0 down to defeat George Kitchen & Rita Daniels 8-7.

Semi Finals

Colin & Jean Love took another convincing win as they strolled past Val & Tony Candler by a 10-1 margin, all those extra ends perhaps finally taking their toll. And David & Jennie Hambling had an equally comfortable win as they defeated Mike & Judy Easy 12-2.


Despite the way in which the knockout rounds are structured, in all of our previous events there have always seen more surprise results than we saw on this occasion. Here things went very much to form and for the first time the two top teams, the only ones not to have dropped so much as a point in their weekend's previous 9 games, made it all the way through to the final unscathed.

In the end Colin & Jean Love took the lead over David & Jennie Hambling from the first and never relinquished it. Even so the final score of 6-2 looks a good deal more comfortable that it actually was with truly excellent bowls from both sides, particularly the skips, as the ends swung first one way and then the other.

And so Colin & Jean Love became out 6th different winners in 6 events, denying David & Jennie Hambling the opportunity to become our first repeat winners and becoming only the second team at one of our events to make it through the weekend with a perfect record.

The full results of the week's bowling can be found here.


We would once again like to thank everyone for joining us for making it all such an enjoyable weekend and for helping us to raise £200 in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support.

14th October 2008

Gunton Hall, Lowestoft

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