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Having cut our teeth at a few different venues over the last couple of years, October 2009 saw us make our first visit to what was one of the traditional locations for Carpet Bowls holidays, the Isle of Wight, for our 10th event.

The venue was the Trouville Hotel in Sandown and with no one having run a Carpet Bowls holiday there before, we were not absolutely certain how well it was going to work.

Having said that the hotel is a popular location for Short Mat Bowls and we had the benefit of being able to use their bowls hall which is nicely located on the first floor of the hotel with a lovely sea view.

And, although it was a bit of a squeeze, we were able to fit all six carpets in, rather than having to split them up and downstairs, making for a much better, much cozier, atmosphere.

The event itself was, as usual, for Pairs. A total of 36 Pairs were competing, a number which was slightly down from our initial bookings, due to a few people having fallen ill.

Everyone would get 5 round robin game over the course of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. After that the top 12 teams would go through to the Knockout stages. Of those qualifiers, just to make things a little more interesting and competitive, the Top 4 would go straight through to the Quarter Finals, while the teams finishing 5th to 12th would go into the First Round of matches to decide who would join the Top 4 in the last eight.

Round 1 (Tuesday)
16 of the 36 teams won their first games, 7 of which already had shots in the double figures.

The first pair to head the leaderboard were Marion & Peter Hayde who amassed all of 18 shots in their first game. Even with all those shots they were only one ahead of Peter & Kay Masters.

Two teams were on 13 shots, Grace & Brian Crump and Eva Rolfe & Margaret Moore, while two more teams were on 12 shots, Margaret Turner & Paul Daniels and Patricia Phillips & Brian Archer.

Round 2 (Tuesday)
Close of play on Tuesday saw the teams with perfect records already wittled down to a just 9 and with 3 more teams on 3 points. That already told us that anyone dropping no more than 1 point over the 3 days would see themselves through to the Knockout Rounds.

Marion & Peter Hayde where still leading, on 26 shots, with Dot & Syd Tanner now up to second, on 24 shots.

Margaret Turner & Paul Daniels had now edged up to third with 23 shots, Grace & Brian Crump were on 21 and in 5th place Margaret & David Clemmet had 20 shots from their 2 wins.

The remaining teams with 2 wins out of 2 were Eva Rolfe & Margaret Moore, Mike & Judy Easy, Colin & Jean Love and Joe & Irene Woodward.

Round 3 (Wednesday)
There was just a single game for each team on Wednesday, but it was nonetheless enough to knock several more teams off the leading pace.

And things were tighter than ever at the top with the top four teams now seperated by a mere 2 shots. Still out in front were Marion & Peter Hayde who had taken their third win out of three, but they were now joined by Dot & Syd Tanner, both teams having accumulated 33 shots. Just behind, on 32 shots, were Margaret & David Clemmet and Margaret Turner & Paul Daniels on 31 shots.

Two further teams were still on maximum points, Joe & Irene Woodward and Colin & Jean Love, while two more had dropped just 1 point and a further 8 were on 4 points.

At this stage it was looking as if anyone who could get 8 points from their 5 games would be certain to go through.

Round 4 (Thursday)
Thursday morning would see the last couple of games for everyone before the qualifiers were decided and it was time for a bit of a shakeup.

Only 3 teams made it through their 4th games with 4 wins. Dot & Syd Tanner were now top with 8 points and 45 shots, while Margaret & David Clemmet were now second, 2 shots behind. Marion & Peter Hayde had slipped slightly from the top spot which they had held all along and were now third, still unbeaten and with 40 shots.

All these top three how already done enough to qualify and anyone who finished their 5 games with at least 8 points would also be going through.

The top 5 at this stage were rounded out by 2 teams who had dropped just one point, Margaret Turner & Paul Daniels and Grace & Brian Crump.

Round 5 (Thursday)
The top three teams remained much as they were, each of them winning to finish on 10 points. Marion & Peter Hayde moved back into the top spot, followed by Dot & Syd Tanner in second and Margaret & David Clemmet in third.

Margaret Turner & Paul Daniels were the only other team not to have lost a game, dropping just 1 point, and finishing 4th, the last of the automatic qualifiers.

Three teams finished on 8 points, Margaret & Jim Southgate, Joe & Irene Woodward and Lynne & Alistair Kermath and the remaining qualifying spots were taken by all of the teams who finished on 7 points.

Knockout Rounds
With the top 4 teams straight through to the Quarter Finals the next 8 would play off to decide who would join them in the last 8.

First Round
The game between Joe & Irene Woodward and John James & Jean Hinton was tit for tat all the way up to the penultimate end. With 5 ends played it was 3-3, but John & Jean took 3 on that 6th end and one on the last to win 3-7.

Lynne & Alistair Kermath were 3-2 ahead of Heather Driver & Yvonne Brook with 4 ends down, but Heather & Yvonne took 2 shots on the 5th end to take the lead for the first time after which they never lost it, finally winning 6-3.

Margaret & Jim Southgate's game against Ken Drane & Valerie Game was closely fought all the way. Margaret & Jim were 4-2 up with 2 ends to go, but the game swung first to Ken & Val as they took 3 shots to take the lead and then back again to the Southgates as they took 2 on the last end to finish 6-5 up.

Grace & Brian Crump took on Mike & Judy Easy in the final First Round game and it was yet another close match. The 2 shot lead that the Easys took into the last end was as much of a gap as there was between the two teams at any stage of the game, but it was enough for them to hold on to win 5-4.

Quarter Finals
Margaret Turner & Paul Daniels
took on Margaret & Jim Southgate in a match that was closer than the final result would indicate. For the most part there was just one shot an end being scored, but they all went Margaret & Paul's way as they finished 10-0 winners.

Heather Driver & Yvonne Brook were 3 shots ahead of Margaret & David Clemmet after 2 ends, but that was it for them as the Clemmets won all the remaining ends to run out 9-3 winners.

Mike & Judy Easy took the lead right from the start in their game against Marion & Peter Hayde and never looked back, finally winning 9-6 to cause the first real upset by beating the Haydes who had finished on top after the initial stages.

Dot & Syd Tanner took control of their game against John James & Jean Hinton early on with 4 shots on the first end. And although that lead was back to just a single shot after a couple more ends, they never relinquished the lead and went on to win 8-5.

Semi Finals
Although Mike & Judy Easy won the first end of their game against Margaret Turner & Paul Daniels, they lost the second end and the subsequent 3, racing out to a 10-1 lead and finally finishing 11-2 winners.

Dot & Syd Tanner against took the upper hand early as they took on Margaret & David Clemmet. The 4 shots which they took over the first 2 ends held them in good stead as they finished 7-3 ahead.

Dot & Syd Tanner
took a decisive 5-1 lead over their opponents Margaret Turner & Paul Daniels, 4 ends into the final. Margaret & Paul reduced the margin to just 2 shots on the next end, but Dot & Syd won the penultimate end to go into the last end 6-3 up. In the end it came down to a measure on the final end, but Margaret & Paul could only manage 2 shots, leaving the Tanners winners by a score of 6-5.

The full results of the week's bowling can be found here.


Many thanks to everyone for making our first trip to the Isle of Wight every bit as successful and as enjoyable as we had hoped it would be, and once again for your generosity in helping us to raise another £150 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

23rd October 2009

Trouville Hotel, Isle of Wight

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Our next event will be Christmas Break III at Seacroft, December 2009