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Lakeside XIII - June 2019

The week of 10-14 June saw us visit Hayling Island for the 13th time.

Only two teams won both of their games, Masters-Whittaker-Swan (19 shots) and Davey-Huxtable-Alston-Spriggs (17 shots). Two others won one and drew one, Goodrich-Isles and Frost-Daniels-Mew. Everyone else lost at least once.

After Tuesday’s games there was only one team that was left undefeated, and even they had dropped one point. Frost-Daniels-Mew (and now Game, following a personel change) won both games to move on to 7 points, one point clear of four other teams who were breathing down their necks. Masters-Whittaker-Swan had 6 points and 39 shots, Poulter-Clark-Tilbrook and Harden-Kelly-Russell (6 points and 29 shots) and Davey-Huxtable-Alston-Spriggs who were 2 further shots back.

The top 3 teams won their first games on Wednesday evening which left them all still in contention. Frost-Daniels-Game still had the one point lead but were short on shots and so would still need a win in their final game to be sure.

Once again the other two teams won but for the leaders it wasn’t looking so simple, 3 ends in they were 4-1 down, but they slowly came back, drew level and finally came home to an 8-4 win to finish on 11 points. Masters-Whittaker-Swan completed their games with 10 points and 56 shots, just edging out Harden-Kelly-Russell who were 10 shots behind in third.

Across the first 3 mornings everyone would get 8 games with the top 16 going forward to the Knockout Stages on Thursday afternoon.

Round 1
With no drawn games half of the teams started their week off with wins, 5 of them reached double figures in shots.

Leading the way were Joan Clark & Don Poulter (15 shots), followed by Mike Walker & Dorothy Chambers (14), Betty Johnson & Paul Daniels (11) and Brian & Grace Crump and Gaye Swan & Dee Whittaker (both 10).

Round 2
Ten teams made it through their second game without dropping a point.

Mervyn & Eileen Farthing led the way on 22 shots, Betty Johnson & Paul Daniels were second (19 shots), Val & Trevor Kidd were on 18 shots, and Gaye Swan & Dee Whittaker and Jim & Sally Goodrich rounded out the top 5 on 16 shots.

Round 3
Only 7 teams maintained their unblemished record into the third round of games.

Leading the way with 26 shots were Val & Trevor Kidd, a shot ahead of Gaye Swan & Dee Whittaker who in turn were a shot ahead of Nick Wood & Shirley Mansfield. Vic Godley & John Rankin and Colin Spriggs & Peggy Alston were on 22 shots, Jackie & Roy Harden had 20 shots and Eric & Carol Sainsbury were on 18.

Round 4
Halfway through and five teams were still going strong.

Gaye Swan & Dee Whittaker and Val & Trevor Kidd both had 8 points and 32 shots, Nick Wood & Shirley Mansfield were 2 shots back, Vic Goodey & John Rankin were just 3 shots off the lead and Eric & Carol Sainsbury were on 23 shots.

One more win for those teams would probably see them finish in the top 16.

And with the results pretty evenly spread at this stage there were only 6 teams who had lost just once, everyone else had dropped at least 3 points so far.

Round 5
At the end of Wednesday’s play everyone had 5 games under their belts and 3 teams had made it here winning all their games, putting themselves on 10 points and all but guaranteed to be playing on into Thursday afternoon.

They were Gaye & Dee (40 shots), Val & Trevor (38) and Vic & John (37).

Two points back having lost just once were Steve & Sue Isles (last year’s champions who had lost their first game on Monday), Betty Johnson & Paul Daniels, Nick Wood & Shirley Mansfield, Jackie & Roy Harden, Eric & Carol Sainsbury and Sue & Paul Cousins.

Round 6
Thursday morning saw Val & Trevor and Vic & John continue with their 100% records while The group who were two points off the leaders was down to four, Gaye & Dee, who had just lost their first game, Steve & Sue, Betty & Paul and Jackie & Roy.

After that there were three teams on 9 points and eight more on 8, but still room for someone else to get in on the final 16.

Round 7
Time for the first qualifiers to make themselves known.

And this was the point at which the final perfect records fell. Going into the last set of games the best anyone could muster was 12 points. And there were four of them, Jackie & Roy, Val & Trevor, Gaye & Dee and Vic & John.

Next best just one point behind were Jim & Sally Goodrich and Sue & Paul Cousins who had both been sneaking their way up the standings.

All of those guys were definitely though to the Knockout stages.

Round 8
Six spots were spoken for, ten left up for grabs.

And they went to Ken Drane & Val Game, Ann Blundell & Chris Nunn, Betty Johnson & Paul Daniels, Peter & Doris Frost, Steve & Sue Isles, Mike Walker & Dorothy Chambers, Joan Clark & Don Poulter, Pam Crawford & Chris Huxtable, Colin Spriggs & Peggy Alston and finally Annette Iskett & Sylvia Ballinger. That meant that everyone who reached 10 points made it through.

And for the record the team at the top of the standings were Val & Trevor Kidd who finished on 14 points and 65 shots, with Vic Goodey & John Rankin finishing a single shot behind, while Jim & Sally Goodrich came home in 3rd on 13 points.

Knockout Rounds
Round 1
Val & Trevor Kidd
led from the start to record a convincing 11-2 win over Annette Iskett & Sylvia Ballinger. Joan Clark & Don Poulter also led all the way but were never much ahead of Ken Drane & Val Game as they won 7-2. Betty Johnson & Paul Daniels were never in trouble as they beat Gaye Swan & Dee Whittaker 11-2. Mike Walker & Dorothy Chambers made a good start but it was all square with Steve & Sue Isles going into the last end, however Mike & Dorothy prevailed to win 5-4.

Colin Spriggs & Peggy Alston picked up 3 on the first end but were overhauled to lose 6-5 on the last end to Vic Goodey & John Rankin. Peter & Doris Frost just beat out Ann Blundell & Chris Nunn 6-3. Jackie & Roy Harden were able to lose the last couple of ends to Paul & Sue Cousins and still win 8-6. Jim & Sally Goodrich were always comfortably ahead of Pam Crawford & Chris Huxtable as they won 9-2.

Quarter Finals
Peter & Doris
were 5-0 up over Vic & John after 2 ends and came home to an 8-5 win. From 5-1 down after 4 ends Joan & Don came back to beat Val & Trevor 6-5. Jim & Sally had another comfortable win, this time 9-2 over Roy and Jackie. And a close game was blown wide open on the 6th end as Mike & Dorothy came from behind to beat Betty & Paul 7-4.

Peter & Doris Frost v Jim & Sally Goodrich

Having gone out to a 5-1 lead at 4 ends it looked as if Peter & Doris had it all sewn up, but Jim & Sally pulled it back and took 2 on the last end to force an extra one. However with her final wood Doris nailed the jack and none of the skips’ woods did nothing to change the situation, giving the game to the Frosts 6-5.

Mike Walker & Dorothy Chambers v Joan Clark & Don Poulter
Having grabbed a 4 in their previous game to help them to the win, this time around Mike & Dorothy suffered the opposite fate, a 4 for Joan & Don which took them to a 7-2 lead from which point they were able to control the game to an eventual 7-4 win.

Peter & Doris Frost v Joan Clark & Don Poulter
The first end, it has to be said, did not perhaps go the way the Frosts might have hoped, but for Joan & Don it was a nearly perfect opening that yeilded 4 shots. The second saw no score, but the thrid saw Peter & Doris open their account, albeit with just a single shot, but it was a start.

Unfortunately that was as good as it got, the jack was taken off on the next end to give Joan & Don two more and they took another 2 on the 5th to put the game pretty much out of reach at 8-1 with 2 ends to go.

A faint glimmer of hope appreared as the Frosts took one on the penultimate end to give themselves a technical shot at an extra end, but the opposition was never going to allow that. It was another 2 to Joan and Don to take the win at Lakeside for a fourth time.

Peter & Doris had a great week, winning the Fours and only just missing out on the Pairs, while Joan & Don didn't have an easy time of it by any means, requiring a win in their final round robin game to get through to the knockout rounds, but hitting peak form just when they needed to.

Many thanks to everyone for another enjoyable week's bowling and for adding a fantastic £340 to all the money we have raised for charity which this time has gone to St Elizabeth Hospice in memory of Rita.

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We will be back again next year.

15th June 2019