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Lakeside XII - June 2018

The week of 12-16 June saw us back on Hayling Island for the 12th time.

This year the winners would be awarded the trophy which in previous years had gone to the winners of the Hemsby Pairs, which is now defunct.

As in previous years the Pairs was played over Tuesday and Wednesday Mornings and all of Thursday, while Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings was set aside for the Fours.

There were 16 teams who would each have 2 games per day across 3 evenings.

Monday evening saw three teams win both of their games, Kermath Crump, Sainsbury Kelly Russell and Poulter Davey, while 2 others, Tilbrook Game Daniels and Gibbs Kidd were still undefeated having won 1 and drawn 1.

Only one of the teams who had won both games on Monday were able to repeat the feat on Tuesday and that was the Poulter Davey team. However both teams who were on 3 points overnight, Tilbrook Game Daniels and Gibbs Kidd also won twice to remain in contention, while Sainsbury Kelly Russell and Goodrich Isles were on 6 points and in contention.

The first game on Wednesday saw Poulter Davey lose to Tilbrook Game Daniels and with Gibbs Kidd winning again that left the two of them at the top on 9 points. However with Gibbs Kidd playing against the one team who had yet to score a single point, in their final game it looked as if they would be certain to take a comfortable win. But as you might guess that didn't happen, all Gibbs Kidd could do was to grab a draw with their final wood and as Tilbrook Game Daniels got the better of a close game, they were the ones to take the overall win on 11 points.

Gibbs Kidd finished on 10 points, 48 shots for and 21 against while Poulter Davey ended up on the same points, same shots for, but 24 against to end up third.

Round 1

17 of the 38 teams picked up a win in their first game and of them 6 were into double figures in shots. Jim & Sally Goodrich led the way with 16 shots, Mike Walker & Dorothy Chambers were one shot behind, Robin & Heather Brown scored 12 and Trevor & Val Kidd, Peter & Kay Masters and Ken Drane & Val Game were on 11.

Round 2
The teams with a perfect record thinned quickly to just 9, the best of which were Trevor & Val Kidd with 22 shots scored and only 1 against. Betty Johnson & Chris Tilbrook had scored one shot less, Robin & Heather Brown had 19 shots, Rita & Mike Daniels 18 and Greg & Glenyce King 17.

Round 3
Not a huge amount changed as everyone completed their third games, with 7 teams on maximum points and two more still undefeated.

The leaders were all on 6 points with Peter & Doris Frost in front on 31 shots, Annette Iskett & Sylvia Ballinger and Betty Johnson & Chris Tilbrook were on 29, Robin & Heather Brown on 27, Rita & Mike Daniels 25, Greg & Glenyce King 21 and Margaret & Jim Forrest 19.

Round 4
The halfway point saw yet a new leader as once again the team leading at the end of one round lost their next game.

There were now 4 teams left on maximum points, Betty Johnson & Chris Tilbrook, Robin & Heather Brown, Rita & Mike Daniels and Margaret & Jim Forrest. And meanwhile Graham & Sue Davey, having dropped a point early on were still winning and working their way up the standings.

Round 5
And sure enough Betty & Chris followed the trend by losing their next game after having topped the standings and with Margaret & Jim also losing that left only Robin & Heather and Rita & Mike unbeaten, both on 10 points.

The next nearest opposition were now the half dozen teams who had won 4 and lost one, they were the two teams who had just lost their unbeaten records, plus Jim & Sally Goodrich, Annette Iskett & Sylvia Ballinger, Pam Crawford & Paul Daniels and Peter & Doris Frost.

Round 6
Robin & Heather Brown
finally broke the pattern by being top and still winning as they, and indeed Rita & Mike Daniels made it 6 in a row, which meant that the two teams had both qualified.

Next best were the teams who had lost just once, Annette Iskett & Sylvia Ballinger, Pam Crawford & Paul Daniels and Margaret & Jim Forrest.

Round 7
Pam Crawford & Paul Daniels
and Margaret & Jim Forrest both won to move on to 12 points and ensure qualification. Steve & Sue Isles and Graham & Sue Davey were also through as they won and moved to 11 points.

Meanwhile the two leaders both finally lost a game which meant that the Browns, Daniels', Forrests and Crawford/Daniels pairs were topping the table on 12 points.

Round 8
On to the final set of games and bit by bit the remaining qualifying slots filled in, Colin Spriggs & Peggy Alston finished on 12 points and Jim & Sally Goodrich and Annette Iskett & Sylvia Ballinger made it in on 10 points before their last game.

Peter & Doris Frost won their final game to go through on 10 points, as did Betty Johnson & Chris Tilbrook (12 points), Steve & Sue Isles (11), Shirley & Andrew Eaton (11), Harold & Patricia Ball (10), Brian & Grace Crump (10), Anne Blundell & Colin Barnes (10) and finally Mike Walker & Dorothy Chambers who were the only pair to make it through on 8 points, thanks to a heavy win in their final game.

In the end 3 teams finished with 7 wins and one loss, Pam Crawford & Paul Daniels and Margaret & Jim Forrest and Rita & Mike Daniels.

Knockout Rounds
Round 1
Pam Crawford & Paul Daniels
continued the glorious tradition of the team finishing top of the Round Robin games immediately losing, as Mike Walker & Dorothy Chambers won 8-1.

Colin Spriggs & Peggy Alston never recovered from dropping 4 on the first end against Steve & Sue Isles, losing 13-3.

Rita & Mike Daniels were 4-4 with 2 ends to go against Ann Blundell & Colin Barnes, who proceeded to win the last 2 ends and took the game 8-4.

Jim & Sally Goodrich versus Annette Iskett & Sylvia Ballinger went all the way down to the last end with Jim & Sally winning 6-5.

It was all square between Robin & Heather Brown and Harold & Patricia Ball going into the final end with Harold & Patricia getting 2 to win 8-6.

Graham & Sue Davey recovered from dropping a 5 against Peter & Doris Frost to win 9-6.

Shirley & Andrew Eaton outbowled Betty Johnson & Chris Tilbrook over the first 5 ends and took a 6-2 win.

Margaret & Jim Forrest recovered from 4-1 down against Brian & Grace Crump to draw level on the penultimate end and then take all 6 on the last to win 10-4.

Quarter Finals
Mike & Dorothy
won the first end against the Isles' but that was it for them as Steve & Sue won the game 9-1 with an end to spare.

Having dropped a 5 against Margaret & Jim, Harold & Patricia hit back with a 4 and held on at the end for a 9-7 win.

Ann & Colin had a 2 shot advantage on the first end against Shirley & Andrew as the jack went off with only a couple of woods bowled, and they never looked back, running out to a 10-1 win.

Jim & Sally against Graham & Sue was always going to be a close one, and so it proved, 3-3 after 5 ends, but Jim & Sally knicked it at end and won the game 6-3.

Jim & Sally Goodrich
v Steve & Sue Isles
Sue was the key to the game as she consistently out-drew Sally, enabling her and Steve to sail into a 9-0 lead by end 5. From that point on a comeback was unlikely, Jim & Sally did manage to pick up 4 on end 6 but the Isles' were never going to allow the game to slip away from that point and they took one more to win 10-4.

Harold & Patricia Ball v Ann Blundell & Colin Barnes
Ann & Colin are 4-0 up after only 2 ends but Harold & Patricia get back into the game and with one end to go the Balls are only 4-5 down and on the last end flip the whole game around, take 3 and win 7-5.

Steve & Sue Isles
v Harold & Patricia Ball
End 1 – Steve is 2 down but manages to cut it down to just one. 1-0 to the Balls.
End 2 – With the jack pushed back Harold was the one with the better weight and takes 2. 3-0.
End 3 – The jack is driven off centre and again Harold gets there for 2 but Steve cuts it to one. 3-0.
End 4 – This time it's Steve who takes advantage of a jack pushed to the back of the mat, taking 3 to make it 4-3.
End 5 – 3 great woods from Sue put the pressure on but Harold gets in for shot only to give two away. 4-5.
End 6 – Suddenly it's a very different game, Harold can't find the right weight but Steve can, punishing the Balls as the Isles' take 4. 4-9.
End 7 – Sue is all over the jack early on, Steve keeps drawing and Harold keeps running too narrow. It's another 4 and the final score is 13-4 to the Isles'.

Many thanks to everyone for another enjoyable week's bowling and for adding another £215 to all the money we have raised for East Anglia Air Ambulance.

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We will be back on Hayling Island again next year for the same week in June.

15th June 2018