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The main event of our holiday is of course the Pairs competition which runs throughout the week, but we also like to give everyone the chance to play some extra bowls, if they are so inclined.

Tuesday evening saw 20 teams competing in a short Fours competition.

Each of the teams played just two games, after which the top 4 teams would go through to a Knockout phase on Wednesday evening.

With only a couple of games to play, the teams had to make them count.

Even so, the results were such that only 3 teams managed to win both games.

The top qualifiers were Margaret & Jim Southgate, Syd Tanner and Dianne Curran, followed by the team of Harold & Patricia Ball and Mike Walker & Betty Johnson. The other team to win all 3 were Peter & Diane Orrin and Martin & Marilyn Bennet, while the team of Annette Iskett & Sylvia Cox and Keith & Maureen Batson who could only manage a win and a draw, but got through coutesy of their superior shots.

The Southgate / Curran / Tanner team took an early lead against the Iskett / Cox / Batson team, mainly thanks to the 5 shots they took on the thrid end. By the fourth end they were leading 7-2, but their opponents came back to 7-4 with one end to go. In the end it came down to the last wood of the last end, but they could only manage two shots, losing 7-6.

The Ball / Walker / Johnson team chipped away with 1 shot for 5 of the first 6 ends, while the Orrin / Bennet team took 3 on the 4th end. Going into the final end the Orrin / Bennet team were 5-3 down and managed to take the 2 shots they needed to take the game to an extra end, however their efforts were for nought as the Ball / Walker / Johnson team came back with 2 shots to win the game and reach the final.

And the final was yet another close fought affair. The Ball / Walker / Johnson team took an early lead but this was overturned on the 4th end. The next 2 ends were shared, with the teams take one shot each, so the Southgate / Curran / Tanner team took a narrow 5-4 lead into the last end. And yet again it was all in the balance until the very last wood, but Margaret, Jim, Syd and Dianne took 2 more shots to finish an excellent final as 7-4 winners.

Team Bowl
Although the weather was mostly favourable throughout the week, Wednesday afternoon looked set for rain. So with the prospects for a bit of sightseeing somewhat dampened by the possibility of inclement weather, we decided to offer everyone the chance to take part in an impromptu Team Bowl.

The teams of 5 would be a Pair and a Triple with their combined scores deciding the winners over the course of 3 games.

And as an added incentive all the participants threw in one pound each with the proceeds to be split up between the winners and runners-up.

It was a close run thing at the top, but 2 teams emerged clear of the rest.

The team of Dianne Curran, Margaret & Jim Southgate and Dot & Syd Tanner only lost one of their 6 games to finish on 10 points, but their 47 shots were not quite enough to beat Patricia & Tony Staines, Joan & Chris Clark and Sylvia Winter who managed to get 10 points and 51 shots.

The Pairs
And so to the main event.

Round 1 (Tuesday)
Without a single drawn game, the first round of games saw 21 teams come through with 2 points to their names.

Of those 10 had managed to achieve double figure shot scores.

Heading the way at this very early stage were Mike & Judy Easy who had 15 shots. They were closely followed by both Keith & Maureen Batson and Peter & Marion Hayde who had each scored 14 shots.

In fourth place were Yvonne Brook & Heather Driver who were one shot further back and 5th were Tony & Val Candler were on 12, one further shot back.

Round 2 (Tuesday)
Yet again another set of 21 games passed by without a single one of them ending in a draw.

However only 10 of those who had won their first games were able to repeat their early success.

First amongst those were Peter & Marion Hayde who followed up their initial 14-4 win with an even more impressive 19-1 victory which took them onto a substantial total of 33 shots from their 2 games.

The early leaders had now slipped to second. Mike & Judy Easy were on 23 shots, as were Peter & Diane Orrin. Fourth and fifth places were held by Tony & Val Candler and Yvonne Brook & Heather Driver, both of whom were on 22 shots.

The remaining undefeated teams were Keith & Maureen Batson, Brian Archer & Pat Phillips, Peter Latchford & Brenda Howes, Syd Tanner & Margaret Southgate and Patricia & Anthony Staines.

However with 4 more games to go in the round robin stages there was plenty of time for things to change, particularly with several very good players yet to get off the mark and with the leaders having to take on 2 of the other hitherto undefeated teams in their next 2 games.

Round 3 (Wednesday)
Four more teams lost their perfect records in Wednesday's first set of games, leaving just 6 pairs with 3 wins out of 3.

Peter & Marion Hayde were still at the head of the field, on 42 shots, still just ahead of Mike & Judy Easy who had 39 shots from their 3 wins.

Tony & Val Candler were third, followed by Syd Tanner & Margaret Southgate, Brian Archer & Pat Phillips and the final pair who had yet to drop a point, Patricia & Anthony Staines.

Round 4 (Wednesday)
The second day finished with only 3 teams with their perfect records still intact.

Peter & Marion Hayde remained out in front, albeit by a single shot over Mike & Judy Easy.

Third place was now in the hands of Patricia & Anthony Staines and they, along with the two teams ahead of them had all but done enough to book their places in the Knockout Rounds, with 2 games still to go.

The only other undefeated team, on 7 points, having drawn one of their games was Peter Latchford & Brenda Howes. They were now lying fourth.

And behind them there was a group of some 8 pairs who were on six points and then a further 17 teams who were on 4 points, but all of whom were going to be vying for a spot in the last 16.

Round 5 (Thursday)
At this stage of the event, with just one more game for everyone to play, there is usually a great deal more certainty about who is going to make it through to the next stage.

But things were far from settled, with just one team maintaining their perfect record and one other team with just a single dropped point, as the only 2 to have booked their places in the last 16.

Peter & Marion Hayde had taken their 5th win to go fully 1 point clear at the top, ahead of Mike & Judy Easy whose drawn game had at least kept them unbeaten and seen them through to Knoockout Stages.

Although things were far from settled, the next batch of 6 teams were all on 8 points and would need no more than a draw in their last games to be certain of qualification.

They were, Chris & Joan Clark, Peter & Diane Orrin, Margaret Southgate & Syd Tanner, Harold & Patricia Ball, Margaret & Jim Forrest and Patricia & Anthony Staines.

Round 6 (Thursday)
The final round of games saw Peter & Marion Hayde win yet again to maintain their perfect record and finish fully 2 points clear of the rest of the field.

Five teams finished on 10 points. First amongst those were Peter & Diane Orrin, followed by Chris & Joan Clark, Margaret Southgate & Syd Tanner, Patricia & Anthony Staines and Margaret & Jim Forrest.

The remaining 10 qualifiers, who rounded out the top 16 finished with 7 points or better, such was the spread of results that anyone who managed to average more than 1 point per game over the course of the week had done enough to go through.

Knockout Rounds

Round 1
There were comfortable wins for the top 2 qualifiers, Peter & Marion Hayde, 18-1 over Gerald & Jean Pines, and 14-2 for Peter & Diane Orrin over Brian Archer & Pat Phillips.

Margaret Southgate & Syd Tanner were being closely held by Lynne & Alistair Kermath until a 3 on the 5th end took them nicley clear as they finished 7-2 winners.

It was much the same story for Harold & Patricia Ball who took a decisive 4 shots on the penultimate end in their game against Chris & Joan Clark, finally winning 10-2.

Tony & Val Candler took a comfortable 6 shot advantage into the last end of their game against Peter Latchford & Brenda Howes, but only finished 7-4 ahead.

Mike & Judy Easy had the best of it for the first 2 ends against Shelagh & Leslie Ridgeon, but the remaining ends all went to their opponents who finished 7-3 up.

The game between Patricia & Anthony Staines and Martin & Marilyn Bennet was in the balance at 4-4 with 2 ends to go, but the Bennets took all 6 shots on the penultimate end and ran out 11-4 winners.

But the closest fought game of the lot was between Margaret & Jim Forrest and Tom & Marlene Hale. The game was nip and tuck all the way, with the Hales taking a single shot on the last end to draw level and another on the extra end to win the game.

Quarter Finals
Yet again Peter & Diane Orrin had an easy time of it, brushing aside Shelagh & Leslie Ridgeon by a score of 16-1.

This time around Peter & Marion Hayde found someone who ran them a little closer, but they still beat Tony & Val Candler 7-5.

Martin & Marilyn Bennet ought to have seen their way through to the next round, going into the final 2 ends of their game against Margaret Southgate & Syd Tanner with a 6-2 lead. But Margaret & Syd took 3 shots on the penultimate end and another 3 on the last to win 8-6.

Tom & Marlene Hale were not in the lead at any time against Harold & Patricia Ball, except at the very end. They were 4-3 down with 1 end to go, but took 2 shots on the final end to nip ahead 6-5.

Semi Finals
Peter & Marion Hayde
finally found their match in Margaret Southgate & Syd Tanner. In fact they never recovered from a devestating 5 dropped shots on the very first end. Although they clawed their way back to a 2 shot defecit with still 2 ends to go, Margaret & Syd kept their noses out in front to win 7-5.

For Tom & Marlene Hale it was a similar story to their previous game. This time, though, it was Peter & Diane Orrin who held the advantage for the majority of the game and who went into the last end 2 shots ahead. But once again the Hales did their Houdini act with 3 shots on the final end to win 6-5.

This time it was a different story for Tom & Marlene Hale in that they were never at any point behind. It could certainly not be said that Margaret Southgate & Syd Tanner bowled badly, but the Hales were more than a match for anything that Margaret & Syd could come up with and by the 6th end the game was over as the Hales ran out winners 8-1.

You can find all the results here.

Once again we would like to thank everyone for helping to contribute to a great week's bowling. And for helping us to raise another £200 in aid of the Treehouse Appeal.

2nd October 2010

Our next event will be the Christmas Break, December 2010