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The fourth running of the Hemsby Pairs took place over the weekend of 16th to 19th April.

As is usually the case for our April event, this tournament, unlike our other ones, is run on a
group basis.

There were a total of 8 groups, two of which had 7 teams, while the remaining groups had 6. However, to ensure that everyone had at least 6 games over the weekend, those in the groups of just 6 teams would play not only the other 5 teams in their group, but also a 6th 'wild card' game, against a team from another group.

The winners and runners-up from each group would qualify for Sunday's Knockout Stages.

Group 1

Early leaders in the group, each having won their first games, were Margaret Horwood & Peter Masters, Betty & Lewis Claxton, David & Sylvia Cask and Ken & Doris Dainty. Although by the time everyone had played 2 games only David & Sylvia and Ken & Doris were the only one to retain their perfect records.

However, with three games gone the they too had also lost a game. And so we were back to a four-way tie with Margaret Horwood & Peter Masters, Betty & Lewis Claxton, David & Sylvia Cask and Ken & Doris Dainty all on 4 points.

Saturday's final games, though, saw yet more change as two of the leading four lost and we were back to where we were after 2 games. David & Sylvia Cask and Ken & Doris Dainty both won to move on to 6 points. However there were now 3 teams just behind, on 4 points, all of whom could still come through to qualify.

This was turning out to the far and away the closest fought group. With 5 games played there were no less than 4 teams all on 6 points, David & Sylvia Cask, Ken & Doris Dainty, Alan & Ann Blundell and Betty & Lewis Claxton, all fighting for just 2 qualification spots.

As it was 3 of those 4 teams won their final games, so it came down to shots. And it was Alan & Ann Blundell that won out, 1 shot better than Betty & Lewis Claxton. The unfortunate ones missing out were Ken & Doris Dainty who would have needed only 4 more shots to get through.

Group 2
Jane Evans & Roberta Adolph
, Les & Kay Buckton and Trevor & Anita Swann started off with a win apeice. However the Swanns lost their second game while the other 2 pairs won theirs, leaving them both a point clear, at the top of the group.

At the halfway point a clear leader emerged as Les & Kay Buckton won their third game to go a point clear of Patricia Ball & Shirley Tilbrook.

The Buckton's lead did not last for long, however, as they lost their next game. Patricia & Shirley won again to move on to 7 points, with the Buckton's a point behind, along with Trevor & Anita Swann.

Patricia Ball & Shirley Tilbrook still led the way with a game to go, but they would not be able to afford any slip-ups as Les & Kay Buckton and Trevor & Anita Swann were still 1 point behind.

And slip up they did. Patricia & Shirley failed to pick up the single point they needed, while the Bucktons and Swanns both won to leapfrog the erstwhile leaders and qualify.

Group 3
Alan & Josie Long, Owen Allcock & Daphne Leggatt
and John & Sylvia Disley all had winning starts. But only the Longs and Disleys were left undefeated once everyone had played twice.

The third round of games saw the top 2 teams playing one another and it was a decisive win for Alan & Josie Long which saw them take a clear 2 point lead of the group.

Alan & Josie Long continued with their winning ways in Saturday's final game and were still 2 points clear, although John & Sylvia Disley now held a clear second spot.

Alan & Josie Long's fifth win secured their place in the next round. Behind them three pairs, Owen Allcock & Daphne Leggatt, John & Sylvia Disley and Leslie & Shelagh Ridgeon were all on 6 points and would be fighting it out for the runners-up spot.

Despite losing their final game the Longs still finished top of the group by a 3 point margin, ahead of the Leslie & Shelagh Ridgeon whose draw in their final game was enough to take them through.

Group 4
Michael Cooper & Neil Tuckey
, Toni Botting & Peter Cousins and Rob & Jean Cook all began their weekends with wins. However the Cooks lost their second game while the other 2 pairs both won to leave them clear at the top of the group.

The halfway point of the groups games saw further wins for Michael Cooper & Neil Tuckey and Toni Botting & Peter Cousins, taking them each on to 6 points. And with the wins having come at the expense of the next best teams, there was now a 4 point gap between the top 2 and the rest. Already it was clear that it would take a remarkable turn around for these two to not qualify.

The top 2 teams both continued their winning streaks with their 4th wins from 4 games and were 4 points clear of the Rob & Jean Cook who were now the only team left in the group with a mathematical chance of qualifying.

The crunch game in the group saw Michael Cooper & Neil Tuckey beat Toni Botting & Peter Cousins and their secure qualification. However, a 2 point gap and superior shots meant that Toni & Peter were still in a comfortable position.

Michael & Neil won their final game to finish top and be one of only two teams to have a perfect record through the round robin stage. Meanwhile Toni & Peter also won to secure the runner-up spot.

Group 5
Joe & Irene Woodward
, Peter & Marion Colvill and Keith Cockings & Mike Rogers started out with wins. However, with 2 games played only the Colvills and Keith and Mike were left on maximum points.

Keith Cockings & Mike Rogers managed to (just) win their third game and with the Colvills losing theirs, Keith and Mike were now 2 points ahead of the battle between the Colvills and Woodwards for second.

With 4 games played Keith Cockings & Mike Rogers were all but assured of qualification as they moved on to a maximum 8 points, fully 4 points clear of what looked likely to be an almighty battle between 4 teams who all sat on 4 points with 2 games remaining.

Keith Cockings & Mike Rogers won the group with their fifth win and still one game to spare. Behind them Joe & Irene Woodward and Peter & Diane Orrin were both on 6 points and would be fighting it out for the runner-up spot.

Keith Cockings & Mike Rogers were unable to maintain their perfect record, but even so they were able to finish top by an impressive 4 points. The eventual runners-up, one of 3 teams in the group who finished on 6 points, were Joe & Irene Woodward who edged out Joy Kitchen & Joy Spriggs by a single shot.

Group 6
Valerie Game & Mike Walker
, Dot & Syd Tanner and Aubrey & Sheila Mann were all winners in the first round of games. After 2 games, however, the Manns had suffered a loss, while the other 2 pairs won again.

Valerie Game & Mike Walker, moved clear with their 3rd win out of 3. The Tanners lost but were still second while the other 4 teams in the group were all on 2 points.

Valerie Game & Mike Walker made it 4 wins from 4 to maintain their 2 point lead over Dot & Syd Tanner who also finished Saturday off with a win.

The next round of games saw Valerie & Mike lose for the first time during the weekend. Meanwhile the Tanners won to take them level on 8 points.

Both the front running teams won again in the final round to secure the top 2 spots. Dot & Syd Tanner finished on top, just 2 shots clear of Valerie Game & Mike Walker.

Group 7
Gordon Bloomfield & John Whiting
, Colin & Jean Love and Betty Johnson & Mike Daniels were all on 2 points with one game played. And it was the same 3 teams that won in the next round of games, leaving them all on 4 points, while the other 3 teams in the group had yet to get off the mark.

Colin & Jean Love and Betty Johnson & Mike Daniels carried on their winning ways into their third games, but Gordon and John lost, to leave them 2 points adrift as the group stages reached the halfway point.

Colin & Jean Love and Betty Johnson & Mike Daniels both took their fourth wins as Saturday closed. They were now 4 points clear of the next best team.

Colin & Jean Love beat Betty Johnson & Mike Daniels in the penultimate round of games, but with the next best team only able to manage a draw, both teams had done enough to secure qualification.

Colin & Jean Love won their final game to finish as one of only 2 teams not to have dropped a point through the group stage, finishing 2 points ahead of Betty Johnson & Mike Daniels.

Group 8
Doug & Eileen Adamson
, George Kitchen & Joyce Wilson and Tony & Lin Cooke all started with wins. But with 2 games gone, only the Adamsons and Cookes were still on maximum points.

And it was the Adamsons and Cookes that continued with their unbeaten records with their third games. In doing so they both moved 4 points clear of the chasing pack, meaning that qualification would just be a matter of not making any silly mistakes.

Doug & Eileen Adamson won their fourth straight game to finish Saturday on 8 points, however the Cookes lost, although they remained in a clear second place.

The top 2 teams took one another on in Sunday's first game and it was the Cookes that came out on top to bring them level with the Adamsons. But with a 2 point gap back to the next best team in the group, they would each need a maximum of 1 point from their last games to see their way through.

In the end the fight for top honours was the closest of any group. Tony & Lin Cooke finished on 8 points, as did Doug & Eileen Adamson. And they each finished on 43 shots, so it came down to shots against where Tony & Lin were a mere 3 shots better off.

Round 1
Having already been beaten soundly by Valerie Game & Mike Walker, Keith Cockings & Mike Rogers were drawn against them once more for the first round of the Knockout Stages. But this time the tables were turned with Val & Mike not getting a look-in as Keith & Mike ran out winners 11-0.

Tony & Lin Cooke were always out in front in their game against Betty Johnson & Mike Daniels and they went on to win 9-2.

Alan & Ann Blundell were 8-1 ahead of Les & Kay Buckton after 4 ends, but although the Blundells didn't win any further ends, they still finished 8-4 winners.

There was only one shot seperating the teams in the game between Alan & Josie Long and Toni Botting & Peter Cousins after 4 ends, but a pivotal 5 shots on the 5th end for Toni & Peter sealed the fate of their opponents as the match finished 8-4 in their favour.

Having been 4 shots behind Joe & Irene Woodward managed to level their game against Dot & Syd Tanner, only for the Tanners to come right back at them and finish 8-4 winners.

Betty & Lewis Claxton won the first end of their game against Trevor & Anita Swann, but that was the only time they led the game which eventually went 7-4 to the Swanns.

Leslie & Shelagh Ridgeon were level pegging with Michael Cooper & Neil Tuckey with only 2 ends to go, but Michael & Neil won both those ends to finish 6-3 ahead.

Probably the closest fought game of the round came between Colin & Jean Love and Doug and Eileen Adamson. The Loves had a 4-1 lead after 3 ends, but with one end to go the Adamsons were 6-4 ahead, however 4 shots on the last end brought the Loves back in front to take the win 8-6.

Quarter Finals
Toni Botting & Peter Cousins
delivered a killer blow to Alan & Ann Blundell on only the second end of their game, taking 5 shots to lead by four. The Blundells struck back with 3 on the next end to get within a single shot, but Toni & Peter won the next 3 ends and finished 10-6 winners.

Keith Cockings & Mike Rogers were 4-2 up in their game against Colin & Jean Love with 3 ends to go, but the Loves levelled the game with one end to go and then took the last end to win 6-4.

Tony & Lin Cooke lost the first end to Dot & Syd Tanner, but were ahead after 3 ends and never relinquished the lead as they won 9-5.

The game between Michael Cooper & Neil Tuckey and Trevor & Anita Swann swung back and forth between the two teams and was tied going into the final end, which finally went to Michael & Neil who finished 7-5 winners.

Semi Finals
Toni Botting & Peter Cousins
and Colin & Jean Love played out a tightly fought game in which only one end resulted in a score of more than one shot. But it was the Loves who held the advantage all the way through, winning all of the first 5 ends. Although Toni & Peter won the last 2 ends they could only bring the score back to 2-6.

Michael Cooper & Neil Tuckey were 3-2 ahead after 3 ends against Tony & Lin Cooke, but the Cookes first tied the game and then edged ahead at a rate of a single shot an end to to finally bring to an end Michael & Neil's perfect record with a 6-3 win.

It was first blood to Tony & Lin Cooke as they took each of the first 2 ends, but it was only by a shot on each and Colin & Jean Love were first level on the third end and then 2 ahead on the next and then with another 3 shots on the 5th end, leading 7-2 with 2 ends to go.

The Cookes were not yet down and out though, as they came back to take 3 shots on the penultimate end to go into the last with only a 2 shot deficit. However although they also won that last end, Colin & Jean did enough to ensure that it was only by a single shot as they finished 7-6 winners.

In doing so the Loves became 2-time winners with us while the Cookes received the dubious honour of having lost 2 consecutive finals, having also been runners-up at Christmas.

The closeness of the final was a fitting end to an event which saw some excellent bowling, particularly in the knockout rounds.

You can find all the results here.

We would like to offer our thanks to everyone for another hugely enjoyable event and not least for helping us to raise a superb £325 for East Anglia's Children's Hospice.

20th April 2010

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