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The weekend of 13th-16th April 2007, saw the first ever T & D Carpet Bowls break, at Seacroft Holiday Village in Hemsby.

When we first announced this holiday, at the end of last year, we had no idea what kind of response we would get. In the end we need not have worried, because the response was marvellous, with a total of 56 pairs joining us for our inaugural event.

The bowls was played across the 2 days, with everyone getting 5 games before the top 8 teams from the Round Robin stage went forward to the Knockout Stages on Sunday afternoon.

The entertainment for each of the three evenings also went down well, including Saturday's Race Night, which seemed to meet with everyone's approval, whether or not they made a profit on the evening.

Our Prize Draw produced a wonderful response from everyone, with over £200 being raised for the benefit of Aldeburgh Cottage Hospital.

The first round of games saw 27 teams winning, with the field led by Roy & Viola Thorpe and Freda Wright & Graham Robinson, tied on 15 shots and third place held by Keith Cockings & Arnold Basketter.

The second round of games saw the number of unbeaten teams whittled down to 16 with Keith Cockings & Arnold Basketter moving into the lead with 28 shots, followed by Elizabeth Johnson & Ivan Lawson on 26 shots and Trevor & Anita Swann in 3rd with 25 shots.

At the end of the first day everyone had played three games. By now the teams with a perfect record had been severely depleted. Only 7 pairs were on the maximum 6 points, led by Elizabeth Johnson & Ivan Lawson, who told us that they had never seen themselves at the top of a leaderboard, on 33 shots, followed by Norman & Glenys Ribbans on 31 and Freda Wright & Graham Robinson in third on 30 shots. With the top 8 teams going through to the knockout stages the unbeaten teams knew that they were in a strong position to qualify, all they would have to do was win their remaining games to guarantee going though.

With the fourth round of games completed the ranks of those with a perfect record had been reduced to a mere 4 teams, Elizabeth Johnson & Ian Lawson were continuing to lead the way with 41 shots, closely followed by Norman & Glenys Ribbans, just one shot behind and Margaret & Geoff Holland one further shot back on 39, while in fourth place were Freda Wright & Graham Robinson on 37 shots. Just behind the leading four were a pair of teams who had dropped just 1 point, Shirley Brooks & Mary Tomkins and Ned Tervit & Adi Rogers, followed by a raft of 10 teams, all on 6 points and all of whom were going to be fighting it out for the last couple of qualifying spots.

The final round of games saw half of the teams who previously had perfect records, trip up, leaving just 2 with the maximum 10 points. Norman & Glenys Ribbans headed the table with 52 shots to their name, just ahead of Margaret & Geoff Holland with 50 shots. They were followed by 3 teams on 9 points, Ned Tervit & Adi Rogers, Shirley Brooks & Mary Tomkins and Freda Wright & Graham Robinson. The final 3 qualifiers were the best of those finishing on 8 points, Keith Cockings & Arnold Basketter, Elizabeth Johnson & Ivan Lawson and John & Sylvia Disley.

Into the Knockout stages and the first Quarter Final drew the top team Norman & Glenys Ribbans against the final qualifiers John & Sylvia Disley. Norman & Glenys took 4 on the first end and although John & Sylvia pulled back to just 5-3 down after 4 ends, the Ribbans' pulled away to take a comfortable 15-3 win.

The second game saw Freda Wright & Graham Robinson take 4 on the first end only for their opponents Shirley Brooks & Mary Tomkins to take the next 4 ends to lead 8-4 with just 2 ends to go. Freda and Graham then took first 2 only the 6th end and then 3 on the last end to take a last gasp victory, 9-8.

In the match between Keith Cockings & Arnold Basketter and Ned Tervit & Adi Rogers, Keith and Arnold took an early lead and held a 5-1 advantage with 4 ends down. Despite their best efforts Ned and Adi could only get back to 4-5 as Keith and Arnold held onto their lead to take the win.

There was another close game in the final match between Elizabeth Johnson & Ivan Lawson and Margaret & Geoff Holland as the Holland's went into a 3-0 lead only for Elizabeth and Ian to come back and take the game by a 6-4 margin.

The game between Norman & Glenys Ribbans and Freda Wright & Graham Robinson could have gone either way as it swung first towards one team and then the other. In the end the Ribbans' took one shot on each of the last 2 ends to take the win 7-6.

The outcome of the other Semi was in little doubt after Keith Cockings & Arnold Basketter took 5 on the 3rd end against Elizabeth Johnson & Ian Lawson to go into a 7-2 lead which they never relinquished, finishing up 10-4 winners.

Although the quality of the bowls on display was of a very high calibre all around, it was clear that the finalists were the two best teams over the course of the weekend.

The end results might make it look as if it was a one horse race, but that was far from the case. Although Keith Cockings & Arnold Basketter took the lead with a couple of shots on the first end, Norman & Glenys Ribbans had the lead after the completion of the third end and did not allow their opponents any further shots as they ran out 9-2 winners. Nonetheless Keith & Arnold were never out of the game and had a chance to take it to an extra end, but Norman & Glenys generally held the advantage on each end which forced Keith & Arnold to chase the game.

In the end it was closer than it might seem, but Norman & Glenys were undoubtedly worthy winners after 2 days of very fine bowls.

The full results of the weekend's bowling can be found here.

Although we were extremely pleased with all the very generous comments which we received across the weekend, for the event, we have to say that none of it would have been possible if not for all those who came along to make the holiday such a success.

Whilst there were many people there that we knew personally, there were many others that we did not, until now. Many people who will not have known what to expect from us, but were nevertheless prepared to come along with us.

Still, it would be unfair to single out any particular group of people for our thanks, so we would just like to thank everyone once again for all your support and we hope to see you all again soon.

16th April 2007

Seacroft Holiday Village, Hemsby

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